2023 Indiana Basketball class signers

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The updated Rivals150 for the Class of 2023 were released Tuesday afternoon.

Indiana’s two-man class of Jakai Newton and Gabe Cupps stayed in the Rivals150 rankings – both as four-star guards.

Below is a look at where Newton and Cupps ended up, with scouting notes on both players.

Indiana Signatories:

Previous ranking: No. 64

Current ranking: No. 63

Scouting Notes from TheHoosier.com:

“Newton is a 6ft 4 guard who can play both on and off the ball. He’s a good size and length that allows him to play even taller than he is. He attacks the basket best and gets into the lane. He has good athletics and a very good ability to jump. Newton’s shot is effective, but it’s used as a secondary or even third option at this point. He’s a strong rebounder on both ends of the floor. Defensively, Newton can be a real lockdown defender if he wants to. He has the length, frame and speed to defend multiple outside positions. Newton missed most of this summer and fall with an injury but is expected to make his senior season debut in February.

Notable Quotes:

Newton on Indiana’s Embassy: “Coach Ya (Yasir Rosemond) tells me I’m there to score goals and defend. I’ll pass well as long as I keep working…Coach is really telling me to pay attention to how aggressive the guards and wings are are and how they’ve progressed to where they’ve picked their spots. To see it live, to see it this year and to see them play so hard it was fun. The coach will be IU back to the bring peak.

Newton’s HS coach Charlemagne Gibbons on Newton: “He has a great wingspan. Probably 6ft 10 or 6ft 11, which bodes well defensively… Ability to guard multiple positions. He can guard the point guard and wings. If you play small balls “He can defend the 4 on some switches but he’s also a really good ball blocker. He’ll fit into that form because he can fit into so many things on defense and play the passing lanes. I think that will help him.” getting to the bottom quicker, those defensive skills as he grows and adapts offensively.

Newton on Indiana’s system and comparisons: “He wants to play fast and have players who can create for themselves and others and he said I can do that. He hasn’t compared me to any of them but he has shown me films by former players like Melo (Carmelo Anthony ) (Raymond) Felton, JR (Smith) and how I fit in with what they did.


Full scouting report on Indiana 2023 signee Jakai Newton

Previous ranking: No. 122

Current ranking: No. 115

Scouting Notes from TheHoosier.com:

“Cupps is a 6-foot, 2-pass first point guard who has good athleticism and great vision. He’s still developing all of his offensive skills to score the ball, but he can get down the lane at will and is a very smart player around the court. Super intelligent player for his age and has good pace and steadiness needed as a point guard. His best tools are making winning plays and having an extremely high IQ. He’s a point guard who just has a tremendous feel for the flow of the game.”

Notable Quotes:

Cupps during his previous visits to IU: “He (Coach Woodson) sees the point guard as leading the team. He talked to me a lot about the fact that he can just make good decisions and lead the team. He showed me clips of his New York (Knicks) teams going the way he wants, then he shows a clip of me doing the same. It was cool… He mostly showed me clips of Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton. Also a little guard named Pablo Prigioni.”

Cupps on his game: “Grainy and skillful I guess that’s how I would describe it. I’ll do anything to win. I don’t turn the ball over. I’m good at shooting it. I get myself and others to open shots. I’m just a Competitor. I love to compete, basketball is just my thing. Obviously I’m skilled but at the end of the day I’ll just rip my ass off.”

Cupps on his development: “I’m trying to see what I need to get to the next level. I think it’s great for me to finish around the rim, attack guys from the dribbling and read ball screens.”


Full scouting report on Indiana 2023 signee Gabe Cupps


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