Art Spaces Seeks $1.5M for Phase II of Turn to the River | news

Wabash Valley Art Spaces is seeking $1.5 million in funding from the Vigo County Capital Improvement Board to complete a more than $1.8 million second phase of its Turn to the River project to support.

Phase II includes an event space built on green space in the midst of a new parking lot behind Terre Haute City Hall, which will be built with new sidewalks, and porous asphalt surfaces to absorb rain and prevent it from draining into the Wabash River.

“This was part of the city’s amazing commitment … The green space is set aside for the events area and is also part of what will be a boardwalk from Third Street to the river once the county has determined its use of the old jail,” Mary said Kramer, former executive director of Art Spaces and now a consultant, told members of the CIB on Wednesday.

“We will work with them to design this walkway that goes through the old prison area and into the courthouse,” she said.

CIB member Chris Switzer, who serves as president of the Vigo District Board of Commissioners, said the district is still considering several options for the former prison.

The new event space “will be for food trucks, festivals, farmers markets and things like that,” Kramer said. Phase II also includes an area south of City Hall to Ohio Street that was moved from Phase I to Phase II due to lack of funding, she said.

“It’s not a very expensive part to complete, but we will complete that as part of Phase II,” Kramer said.

Kramer told the board, “Design development can begin. It’s about $112,000,” she said. “It includes the construction documents and the tender for the contractor who gets the project.

“First estimates for the acreage itself are $1.4 million and $349,000 for a total build volume of $1.71 million,” Kramer said, with an additional $179,041 from other sources for a project totaling US$1,889,041.

“These are pre-draft development estimates. Normally the cost goes up, but we lowered the cost in Phase I when we got into the weeds with that. So I imagine that cost will be close to (the estimate), but probably a little less,” she said.

A portion of CIB’s funding request includes $450,000, which Art Spaces would use to meet a requirement for nonprofit groups to earn a 3-to-1 under a government Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI) grant. provide match. Kramer said Art Spaces will also be raising about $200,000 in donations.

The Wabash River Regional Development Authority received $20 million in READI grant funding in December 2021, which the RDA allocated to 23 projects in a six-county region. Wabash Valley Art Spaces was awarded a $150,000 READI grant.

The Turn to the River project is planned to have four to five phases and span four blocks of the government campus, including Terre Haute City Hall, the Vigo County Courthouse and the former County Security Center, which has been replaced by a new prison/security center at 600 W. Honey Creek Drive.

Groundbreaking for the first phase took place in April 2021, and a dedication ceremony marking completion was held in May this year. The final stage includes an elevated view of the Wabash River.

The CIB considered Art Space’s request and expects to respond to the request at its December 28 meeting. To move forward, the project would need to approve some funding in December because Art Spaces has until Dec. 31 to submit its agreement for the READI grant, said Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett, a member of the CIB.

Consultant selected for feasibility study for sports complex

Elsewhere, the CIB approved the selection of Brownsburg-based PROS Consulting Inc. to conduct a feasibility study for a proposed multi-sport complex and aquatic center. The company was founded in 1995.

A total of four companies submitted proposals for the study, which was reviewed Tuesday by the CIB’s Special Projects Committee, headed by Mayor Bennett. The three-person committee recommended PROS Consulting to the entire board. Other companies that have submitted proposals include Hotel & Leisure Advisors, The Sports Facilities Companies and Victus Advisors.

CIB, which received a $50,000 READI grant for the feasibility study, approved a resolution by a vote of 5 to 0 in the absence of board members Emily Crapo and David Patterson for CIB President Jon Marvel to sign a contract for the feasibility study PROS Consulting, along with Kroger Gardis & Regas, the board’s counsel.

The board will be informed of the final contract and pricing at their December 28 meeting. The feasibility study is scheduled to begin in late December and be completed by mid-June.

The multi-sport complex will include an outdoor ballpark and baseball fields, a swim center to the east, and a field house for indoor sports. The proposed project would be completed in three phases.

PROS Consulting has conducted feasibility studies for athletic facilities in Brownsburg and for the Carmel-Clay park system in Indiana, as well as studies in Edwardsville, Illinois, St. Peters, Missouri, and Rockwall, Texas, among others.