Bloomington man, riot suspect allowed to take vacation, reschedule trial date

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana (WXIN) — An Indiana man charged with taking part in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots has now been allowed to board a previously scheduled cruise after a delay in his trial.

Antony Vo, a 28-year-old from Bloomington, was charged in June 2021 with:

  • knowingly entering or remaining in locked buildings or property without lawful authority,
  • Offensive and disruptive behavior in a restricted building or site,
  • Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building,
  • Parades, demonstrations, or pickets at a Capitol building

Following the indictment, Vo’s trial date was set for November 14. However, the trial was delayed and pushed back to February 2023 because of a scheduling conflict with Vo’s attorney.

Court documents show that Vo was not consulted about the new hearing date in February, prompting him to re-file a motion to continue the case. In his request, Vo partially cited a previously planned cruise as the reason for continuing.

The delay was eventually granted Friday, though the courts specifically found that Vo’s cruise was not a factor in the decision.

“The 42nd motion to proceed is granted in part and REFUSED in part,” the court documents said. “The defendant’s planned cruise is not a good reason to proceed with the trial, but his attorney’s scheduling conflict is.”

However, the same document states that Vo is actually allowed to board the cruise.

“It is further ordered that the defendant be permitted to travel outside the continental United States from February 6 to February 13, 2023 solely for the purpose of a cruise and that the defendant must inform his investigating officer of his travel plans and keep him informed of the.” details and/or schedule changes,” the documents said.

Vo’s new trial date has been set for April 10, 2023.

The FBI first learned of Vo’s actions during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots after receiving tip-offs of images and video on his Facebook and Instagram accounts showing him in Washington, DC and inside the Capitol after it had been breached by rioters.

A tip came from someone who knew Vo from Indiana University. Another person who went to high school with Vo also came forward.

According to court documents, both witnesses said they recognized Vo as the person in the photos in DC, and said Vo was known to “dabble in conspiracy theories.” They said Vo is an avid supporter of former President Trump and adheres to libertarian ideologies.

Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for Vo’s social media accounts and found that he had had multiple conversations on Facebook and Instagram confirming he was at the Capitol building on January 6. As proof, he sent photos to several people.

Court documents detail that in an interview, Vo wrote: “President [Trump] asked me to be here tomorrow so I’m with my mom LOL.” In another, Vo claimed, “My mom and I helped stop the vote count for a while.”