Delphi murders update: Indiana judge considers unsealing evidence and adjusting bail for suspect Richard Allen

DELPHI, Ind. (WLS) — A judge Tuesday said she would take time to review two key decisions in the case of two girls murdered in Delphi, Indiana.

One concerns information about the case, the other concerns the freedom of the suspect.

Despite the arrest and a first hearing for suspect Richard Allen more than three weeks ago, the evidence that led police to his arrest remains a mystery.

On Tuesday, the judge said she would take time to consider the request for the unsealing of documents, but nothing was released and the judge didn’t say when she would announce her decision.

A prosecutor in court said they were continuing the investigation and had reason to believe Allen did not act alone.

The prosecutor also argued that sealing documents was key to the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

Allen’s attorney, Bradley Rozzi, argued that the court should be transparent and disclose public records for a number of reasons.

Rozzi said the case received a lot of publicity, and he believes part of the reason is secrecy.

Carroll County Attorney Nicholas McLeland wants to protect witnesses on both sides, mentioning that Allen’s wife was forced to move and leave her home.

McLeland produced several exhibits before the court, including a letter from Becky Patty, Libby German’s guardian and grandmother, and an online petition that collected 40,000 signatures asking that the probable cause be kept confidential.

However, Rozzi believes that most of the threats come from social media and pose no significant risk given the crime happened over five years ago.

Last month, Indiana State Police arrested the 50-year-old in connection with the murders of teenagers Abby Williams and Libby German.

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Their bodies were found near a hiking trail in Delphi in 2017.

But even before his arrest, court records were sealed at the request of a Carroll County prosecutor.

Investigators have since refused to provide details of what led to the arrests and how the girls were murdered.

This is happening because the suspect is asking the court to either reduce his bail or release him of his own accord, claiming prosecutors don’t have enough evidence to prove his guilt.

Allen is scheduled to return to court for a bond hearing at 10:00 a.m. on February 17.

He did not speak at the hearing and wore yellow coveralls, heavy chain and a bulletproof vest. His wife and mother were on trial.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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