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Don Dudine, an Indiana State University graduate and past chair of the ISU Foundation Board, has pledged $2 million to the School of Music and Student Philanthropy Organization.

“Each individual has their own passion for giving back to Indiana State University now and in the future,” Dudine said, testifying to the ISU Foundation’s ability to fulfill every donor’s wishes and the university’s commitment to ensuring that deserving students receive the Get the help they need to graduate.”

ISU President Dr. Deborah J. Curtis said, “We are extremely grateful to Don Dudine for his generous support of our School of Music and Student Philanthropy Organization. Don left an indelible mark on ISU not only through his gifts to the university, but also through his service as a past Chair of the ISU Foundation Board of Directors. His generosity will impact Sycamore students for generations to come.”

The School of Music receives $1.5 million for the Don Dudine School of Music Endowment Fund to promote the success and achievements of music and band students, recruitment and activity resources.

The gift will support music students on recruitment trips to high schools known for strong band programs as part of their annual performance schedules. The gift helps students who are not music majors participate in the marching band.

“Don Dudine has been a tremendous supporter and patron of our band programs and the School of Music, not only with this and other generous financial gifts, but as a true friend of our students and faculty,” said School of Music Principal Ted Piechocinski. “His education and experiences at ISU obviously prepared him not only for his success as a music teacher in Indiana, but also as a creative and very successful entrepreneur.

“Mr. Dudine’s generous promise will be of tremendous help as we find, support, train and nurture music educators for decades and generations to come.”

The other $500,000 of the gift was designated the Don Dudine ISU Student Philanthropy Initiatives Endowed Fund and goes to the Student Philanthropy Organization (SPO).

SPO’s mission is to promote the importance of giving back and actively engage students to create a culture of philanthropy at ISU.

“The generosity that Don Dudine continues to show to the Student Philanthropy Group has blessed our organization beyond measure,” said Miah Ferran, SPO President 2022-23. “Knowing someone has faith and trust in our mission is an amazing feeling. We are proud to say that he supports us; he is a prime example of what it means to be that BOLD.”

The donation will be used to support the SPO operationally and programmatically and to ensure the continued development of strong academics, community service and philanthropic mindsets.

“Through his gifting engagement, Don impacts the lives of students with a love of music as well as those with a passion for philanthropy,” said Andrea Angel, vice president of university advancement and CEO of the ISU Foundation. “Don’s bold vision for the School of Music and Student Philanthropy Organization should inspire us all to find a cause and be steadfast in supporting it.”

Photos by Don Dudine: homecoming and headshot.

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