Final Four: Hiker Trailers is one of four semifinalists for the Coolest Thing Made in Indiana contest.

COLUMBUS, Ind.—A local Manufacturer from custom camping follower Has did it to the last four from a nationwide contest to be crowned the “coolest thing did in Indiana.”

Columbus based walker Follower, 2860 N National Street, suite B, is one from four semifinalists in the Indiana chamber from trade second yearly “Coolest thing Did in Indiana” Competition.

That Contest, the started earlier This Month, included 54 companies represent 43 communities, according to to the Indiana chamber from Trade. That Miscellaneous semifinalists are kids stuff To play systems in gary, maple Sheet farms in Leesburg and Polywood in Syracuse.

Choose to the the semifinals runs through Friday at 10 Watch, while Choose to the the championship match will beginning Monday at 9 am

“I am hoping to to win the all Thing, but, she knows, we have have some hard Contest,” said Robbi bosar, director from marketing and operations to the walker Follower.

walker follower offers a offer from camping follower models the bosar described how a “Base warehouse on Wheels” the can be customized With features including bunk Beds, charge Shelves, Lighting, Air conditioning, under Miscellaneous Features.

That follower are around 5-Foot wide and offer out 8th-Foot to 10-Foot in length and 5.5-Foot to 6.5-Foot in Height dependent on the Model. Prices general offer out $5,995 to $13,595 dependent on the Model, size from the Follower, Accesories, under Miscellaneous factors according to to the company

“Instead of this from a traditional Camper Where she to have the couch and your life Room Inside, This is more to the people the want a secure bed to sleep in, to have doors the lock out, but They are walk to be expenditure most from her time outside at a campsite or hunt Fishing, do a Nature hiking trails, however it could be,” bosar said. “It is Yes, really the bed on Wheels and a pretty place to Load some gear and do some Cook.”

walker follower was educated around 10 Years before through two entrepreneur in Indiana and Colorado, bosar said. That company was initially based on the north side from Indianapolis and in the Denver Area. at one Point, walker follower started conclusion of contract With local Manufacturer sterling Industry sectors inc through a metal business it is working in edinburgh, bosar said.

in the 2020, sterling Industry sectors touched to acquire the Indiana portion from the walker follower business and touched production to Columbus, bosar said. Last Year, sterling Industry sectors merged With the Colorado portion from the business and now fully owns walker Follower.

walker follower employed around 35 persons at it is Columbus production Furnishings. That company Also Has a office in the Denver Area.

Photo provided An exterior view of the hiking trailer in the wilderness.

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That Indiana chamber from trade Coolest thing Did in Indiana contest celebrates the conditions Rich manufacturing tradition and is to the companies the make Everyone species from Things.

Publicity fan Choose to see who reached the final is on road at

Choose to the the semifinals runs through 10 pm Friday. That championship match will start on Monday at 9 am That competition closes Nov 30

That above companies will be accepted and the champion announced dec 14 at the Indiana chamber Preferably IN manufacturing Having lunch at the Indiana roof ballroom, the Also features the First Dear in the Indiana Preferably Puts to work in manufacturing Program.

For the full story and more photos, see Tuesday’s Republic.