Fort Worth woman charged with $1.2 million ‘treasury fraud’


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A Fort Worth woman is in jail accused of cheating money online from an elderly Indiana man, according to court documents.

Lorraine Rew, 46, is being held without bail at the Tarrant County Jail and is listed as a fugitive, according to court records.

Rew is accused of stealing around $1.2 million from the man in what authorities called an “elaborate love scam,” according to an affidavit from the Tarrant County District Attorney. The search warrant describes how Rew told the man she needed money for medication and to pay bills for someone else. The warrant also suggests how charges of elder exploitation, theft and money laundering could apply based on evidence investigators have been looking for.

Rew took that money to Oklahoma casinos and visited them nearly 160 times in less than two years, according to the search warrant. Information from a W2 gamble included in the warrant showed Rew won more than $1.45 million at the casinos from December 30, 2019 to January 1, 2022. She also used the money to buy a new Buick Enclave, according to the warrant.

According to the warrant, Rew cheated on the man, who started on Twitter before switching to mobile. She sent the man what appeared to be medical and insurance information about her and her children, asked him for money to pay for it, and promised to pay him back if the insurance company reimbursed him.

According to the search warrant, the man stole money from pension funds, savings and checking accounts, credit card cash advances, and personal loans.

Inspectors with the United States Postal Service, who investigated the fraud because money was sent through the postal service, said they tried to find evidence Rew used the money to pay for medical expenses but failed to do so, according to the warrant be able to.

When they questioned the man, he showed USPS inspectors pictures of himself and Rew together in August 2021, as well as text messages the warrant says the two had exchanged. In these texts, Rew told the man that unless she could get money to pay doctors and pharmacies $18,000 and $2,000, she would die.

The warrant gave investigators permission to search Rew’s property and records, including her home, vehicle, cell phone, computer, casino membership cards, bank records, work records, medical records and documents, electronic storage devices, and credit and debit card statements.

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