Indiana American Water Main Flushing is scheduled to begin in Charlestown beginning November 28, 2022

CHARLESTOWN, Ind.American Indiana Water performs the main rinse in the water Charlestown area start Monday, 11/28 and further through Saturday 31 December 2022out 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m Flushing improves water quality by removing accumulated manganese and sediment from the distribution system. While it will take about a month for the flush to complete, most customers should only be bothered for a day or two as the flush occurs in every neighborhood.

“Flushing water lines and hydrants is an important part of a regular maintenance program for water distribution systems,” he said Brittany MontgomeryManager for Indiana American Waters south Indiana operations. “We have already noticed a significant reduction in iron and manganese levels in the Charlestown system after placing a new one 16 million dollars Water treatment plant that was put into operation last summer.

“Customers may notice a few instances of discolored water over the next month as we work to flush sediment from our water lines and tanks that has built up in the distribution system over the past several decades,” continued Montgomery. ‘Once we finish flushing by the end of this year, we expect even better water quality at the tap.’

This significant improvement in water quality continues Indiana American Waters Commitment to improving Charlestown Water system started when it acquired the system March 2019. Before the new water treatment plant was commissioned, the company had already carried out much-needed maintenance work and had more than invested 11 million dollars in system improvements, including adding automatic flushing devices to improve water quality when there are dead ends in the system, replacing or decommissioning more than 150 fire hydrants, and installing new backup power generating equipment that has already kept water flowing during multiple power outages in the system.

No interruptions in the water supply are to be expected as a result of the flushing. Customers may notice a slight drop in water pressure or a temporary discoloration of the water during this program. Customers should not do laundry or run their dishwasher during the time of day when the dishwashing program is taking place in or near their neighborhood.

When tap water is discolored American Indiana Water recommends running several cold water faucets on the lowest level of the home or business for short periods until the water runs clear. Using more than one faucet will make the water clear faster.

Customers who have questions about hydrant flushing can contact our Customer service at 1-800-492-8373.

The main water flushing is carried out by American Indiana Water crews. You will work from trucks marked with the company logo. All employees also receive a photo ID.



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