Indiana Farm Bureau: Hoosiers can expect higher prices this Thanksgiving

The annual shopping cart survey shows Hoosiers are expected to spend 14 percent more at the grocery store than in 2021.

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INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers can expect to pay more for their Thanksgiving meals.

The Indiana Farm Bureau’s annual Thanksgiving Shopping Cart Survey shows Hoosier shoppers can expect to spend about 14 percent more at the grocery store than they did in 2021.

Hoosiers pay an average of $61 for a Thanksgiving dinner for 10, or $6.10 per person.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the main reason for the rise is inflation, as well as other factors including supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine, with other countries scaling back exports to protect domestic supplies.

Total basket price of $61 includes a 16Eu turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, buns, peas, a carrot and celery vegetable tray, whole milk, cranberries, whipped cream, pumpkin pie ingredients and assorted baked goods.

Turkey prices are up about $1.75 per pound for a whole turkey, or $28.02 for a 16-pound bird, an 11 percent increase from 2021.

Hoosiers can expect most traditional Thanksgiving items to be more expensive this year, but pie shells and cranberries are more affordable than 2021.

The INFB Thanksgiving Market Basket Survey was conducted in late October by volunteer shoppers across the state who surveyed the prices of certain foods at one of their local grocery stores. Volunteer shoppers were asked to search for the best possible prices without taking advantage of special promotional coupons or shopping offers. Indiana’s survey was conducted in conjunction with a national survey conducted by the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Thanksgiving Cart Items (INFB Survey)

2022 Indiana costs

2021 Indiana costs

% Change in Indiana Cost (2021 to 2022)

% difference between Indiana’s 2022 costs and the 2022 US average

Turkey (16 pounds)





Filling (14 ounce package)





Pumpkin Pie Filling Mix (30 oz. can)





Cake Pans, 9 inch (2 per pack)





sweet potatoes (3 pounds)





Bun (1 dz.)





Peas (16 oz. pack, frozen)





Vegetable tray (0.5 ounce each of fresh carrots and celery)





whole milk (gal.)





Cranberries (fresh, 12-ounce packet)





whipped cream (½ pint)





Miscellaneous ingredients
(like coffee, butter, onions, eggs, sugar and flour)










*The total price above is for a group of 10 people.

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