Indiana lawmakers want to pass legislation aimed at protecting pet stores that source from Puppy Mills

Both the Indiana House and Senate have bills protecting pet stores with only minimum welfare standards

As good breeders we want standards that exceed public expectations, these bills not only lower expectations but also the welfare of dogs in general. It’s 2023 and we can do much better than that.”

— Jonathan Lawler Spokesman for ICAW

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, UNITED STATES, Jan. 10, 2023 / — Indiana Council for Animal Welfare. Two Indiana lawmakers have proposed legislation that would prevent municipalities from banning or restricting pet stores that sell pets. Indiana State Senator Blake Doriot, District 12, has proposed SB 134, and Representative Michael Aylesworth, District 11, has proposed HB 1121. Both bills are nearly identical and use USDA licensing requirements as minimum standards for breeding/housing/socialization of dogs. The Indiana Council for Animal Welfare doesn’t think these standards are adequate, and research shows the public agrees. While the Indiana Council for Animal Welfare disagrees with retail bans because evidence has shown that not only do they not stop substandard breeding practices, but these practices are increasing, especially now that puppy factories can sell online.

The ICAW agrees that pet shops must have purchasing standards that protect both the welfare of the animal and consumer confidence. Many pet stores continue to source from breeders who are in direct violation of the USDA, and some even purchase from breeders who are not licensed or regulated. ICAW believes that ethical breeders can sell to pet shops and that consumers demand that their pets receive the best possible treatment. Pet choice is an important component in deciding which pet your family needs. Unfortunately, these bills don’t offer that protection and consumers may not get the pet they think they’re getting. Both Senator Doriot and Rep Ayleswoth had a real opportunity to make significant changes to the way pet shops acquire dogs. Instead, they passed legislation that will take the dog breeding industry back 25 years. Both calculations are essentially Puppy Mill protection calculations.

“In lieu of good breeding standards, ethical breeding standards, transparency and consumer protection, Senator Doriot’s bill will allow the bad actors in our industry to continue their deplorable practices. This legislation is really deaf when it comes to what consumers are asking of the pet industry. What’s worse, it’s really deaf to the welfare of dogs in general. -Jonathan Lawler, spokesman for the Indiana Council for Animal Welfare

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