Indiana Online Casino bill introduced in house

Indiana Representative Ethan Manning introduced an online casino bill last week to submit bills in-house. Although the bill has not yet been posted to the Indiana Legislature’s website, PlayUSA got the details.

As the new chairman of Public Policy Committee of the House of Representatives, Manning will be able to get the bill moving. There is already one Hearing scheduled for the bill in the committee for January 24th.

But whether Indiana Online Casino can reach the finish line in 2023 remains to be seen.

Manning tells PlayUSA:

“It’s certainly still a challenge. We have some members who just don’t like gaming and periods, and others who just need to learn about the subject. But having had informal discussions with members of my group and also on the Senate side, no one has ever said no to me. So they probably won’t tell me later, but we’ll see how things go.”

What does the 2023 Indiana online casino bill say?

Broadly speaking, this is the same bill that was introduced in the House last year Rep. Doug Gutwein. Manning would have introduced this bill but was already at his billing limit.

The language of the bill originally comes from Senator Jon Ford in 2021. Ford, who serves as President of the National Council of Legislators from Gambling Stateswas instrumental in legalizing sports betting in Indiana.

Manning and Ford are working hand-in-hand to bring online casino platforms to Indiana.

This year’s bill including online lottery and improves responsible gaming policies. Here are the details:

  • Allows Indianas 14 casinos and racinos Offering online casino games and online poker.
  • Casinos and “racinos” (racetracks offering casino games) pay $500,000 for a Interactive Gaming Licenseannually renewable for $50,000.
  • Each casino can work with up to three online brandsor skins.
  • An interactive gaming management Provider Licensee pays $100,000 initially u $25,000 annually for renewal.
  • Drives Internet gaming revenue 20% (previously 18%).
  • Permits each interactive games licensee to deduct no more than $10 million annually in promotional credits.
  • Allows Indiana to enter into agreements with other states and Accept bets from people located in other states if this is ever acceptable under federal law in the future.
  • Of the five-sixths of interactive gaming revenue paid into the state general fund, 10% goes to the Addiction Relief Fund. This matches with 8.33% to the addiction support fundup from 3.33% in last year’s bill.
  • A sixth of revenue from interactive games goes to cities and counties where casinos are located.
  • Authorizes the Lottery Commission to operate the online sale of draw games and digital representations of scratch cards.

What happened in the 2022 legislative period

After introducing online casino legislation in 2021 and working over the summer to educate colleagues on the issue, Ford worked with House colleagues to introduce the bill.

Ford faced opposition to legalizing online casinos in the Senate President Pro Tempore Rodric Bray.

However, the bill was no better received in the House of Representatives. It had to start with the House Public Policy Committee chaired Rep. Ben Smaltz. Smaltz opposes online gambling and scraped online sports betting from legislation in 2019 before Ford restored it in the Senate.

Smaltz did not give the bill a hearing until the deadline to advance from committees, and the bill died just two weeks after a short session.

Why 2023 could be different for Indiana Online Casino

Indiana’s online casino apps will have a friendlier face at the helm of the House Public Policy Committee this year. Manning has taken over the committee.

“We have a hurdle that we had last year that we don’t have anymore because we have a new public policy chairman in Indiana, and that’s me,” Manning said. “That will certainly help the efforts when we go into a new legislature.”

Manning will certainly push his committee’s bill forward, but then he has yet to go through it House budget committee and pass the house floor. Then it has to go to the Senate, where it had no support from the leadership.

However, Ford is a great champion who could get him across the finish line if the bill comes from the house.

Ford said so Eric Holcomb, Governor of Indiana wants an online lottery option for the state so incorporating online casinos might help.

Will 2023 be the year Indiana legalizes online casino gaming?

Indiana led the way in states considering legalizing online casinos after the pandemic began when brick-and-mortar casinos had to close.

Still only Connecticut has since legalized online casino gaming. And that in connection with sports betting and only for the two federally recognized tribes in the state.

Indiana could still be the state to launch the next wave of online casino legalization in the US. But the barrier of Senate leadership remains.

Bray spokeswoman Molly Fischell told Chronicle of the Indiana Capital that he did not expect his chamber to introduce an iGaming bill in this session.

Fishell said Bray cited several factors:

“The significant expansion of our gaming laws over the past four years, the fact that no voters are coming to him requesting iGaming, and that Indiana already ranks fourth in the nation for casino revenue.”

27th of February is an important date to look at. That is the Deadline for exceeding house bills to the Senate. The Senate must pass bills that come from the House of Representatives April 18th.

Manning noted that Indiana lawmakers may not have an urgency to bring in the additional online casino tax revenue this year. The state has a $6 billion surplus.

said Ford PlayUSA he hopes that some of the obstacles to Indiana’s online casino legislation have been removed.

“It’s been a long two years for us. We had snap elections and other controversial issues and elections, so some of our leaders were quite nervous about what that would mean for their re-election. So we’ll see. Now that we’re past that, I’m optimistic. We will try to make a grassroots effort and hear from voters whether they want it or not.”