Indiana Pacers vs Charlotte Hornets Preview

Game 16: Indiana Pacers (6-6) vs. Charlotte Hornets (4-11)

The Hornets ended their three-game road trip through Florida with a solid rematch win over the Orlando Magic. When Charlotte first faced the Magic, Orlando’s height and length really bothered the Hornets. Mages could wreak havoc on defenses with deflections and blocked shots. At the second meeting Monday night, the Hornets flipped the script and showed they could adapt and fight back.

The Hornets won that game by crushing the turnover fight by forcing 10 more magic turnovers than they had themselves. For a team that was struggling with Orlando’s length just a few weeks ago, it was a great sign for the team. Charlotte shot nearly 50% from the floor in this instance, but only 20% of three as a team. Seven different players scored double digits, including all 5 starters. It was a great team effort to stop the bleeding and end their long losing streak.