Indiana Senate Democrats share their priorities for the 2023 legislative session

Submitted by the Democratic faction of the Indiana Senate

On Monday, Indiana Senate Democrats held a press conference to share their priorities for the 2023 legislative session, which they believe will prioritize creating an economy that supports Indiana families, boosts the future of students and the state, and protects the freedoms of all residents.

Senate Democratic Chairman Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) shared the following comments:


“The governor and Senate Republicans have shared their priorities for 2023, and I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing,” Senator Taylor said. “I think there is room for collaboration and I am confident that we can get this session done on behalf of Hoosiers.

“I want to emphasize that my caucus and I believe we can invest heavily in both the state and Hoosiers in this session. I know that there is an appetite to engage in the Kulturkampf that is being waged nationally, but I pray that the members of this Indiana General Assembly will avoid doing so as much as possible in this session. I think we will have a successful meeting and really work together to do the best for our residents.

“The priorities that my caucus has adopted in this session are bolder than what we have seen from our peers and even the governor, but I believe there is a real chance we can get some important points through if we getting together. If we do that instead of getting distracted with divisive and unproductive political games, I know we can do great things for Hoosiers this year.”


  • Invest in expanding access to childcare for families, which will help strengthen the state’s workforce.
  • Create a paid vacation program so parents and families can take the time they need from work.
  • Lower health care costs for Hoosiers, who pay the seventh highest cost in the country.


  • Invest in K-12 to cover school operating costs and pay rises for teachers and staff.
  • Abolition of school book fees to relieve parents.
  • Automatically enroll students in the 21st Century Scholars Program to advance their college degrees.


  • Restore reproductive freedom to all Hoosier women by expanding access to abortion back to 20 weeks.
  • Decriminalize marijuana and push legislation to make it legally available.
  • Remove the ban on same-sex marriages from current Indiana law and protect all marriages in Indiana.
  • Amend the Indiana Constitution to allow Hoosiers to directly vote on ballot initiatives in the election.

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