Indiana swims to sweep Michigan in Big Ten Showdown

The Indiana Hoosiers celebrated their senior day in style, defeating rival Michigan.

The Hoosiers left no doubt about the win, with the No. 7 men beating No. 15 Michigan 212-88 while the No. 12 Indiana women had a 208.5-91.5 win over No. 13 Michigan during the Hoosiers won 28 of those contested 32 events across the board.

For the Indiana women, it was their first double win against the Wolverines since 2012, while the men extended a streak of six straight wins against Michigan.

“The team wanted to make a statement today,” said the Indiana swim coach Ray Looze said. “We worked really hard. Our wives haven’t hit them since 2012 and it was great to see them get that monkey off their backs and our men did a similarly great job. I thought it was a wonderful team effort across disciplines. I’m just proud of them and we told them we still have a lot to do. All of our goals for the season remain ahead of us, so it’s a nice little feather in the cap.

“It’s a step on the way. That definitely creates trust. We must continue to do positive things that empower our swimmers and divers to thrive.”

Indiana honored its senior class Saturday with a pregame ceremony attended by fifth-year seniors Mikey Calvillo, Andrew Capobianco, Jack Franzman, Mackenzie Looze, Van Mathias, Noelle Peplowski, Margaret Rogers and Maggie Wallacetrue seniors Jacob Destrampe, Carmen Hernandez, Samantha Muma, Grace Pangburn, Zain Smith, Ashley Turak and managers Ainsley Brown.

“It was a great day”, dive coach Drew Johansen said. “Between Andrew as our only male senior and one of our future Hall of Famers who finished his career collegially here, it was great and he did it in classic Andrew style, with a nearly 100 point jump to finish the event to win . And our three older girls, Margaret, Zain and Carmen, led the team by creating the culture that we now have for this women’s team. It was an important day for IU diving where they could move on and then pass it on to the next generation.”

Capobianco returned to collegiate competition for the first time since the 2022 NCAA championships. The redshirt senior won both men’s show jumping events, scoring 412.95 points in the 1-meter springboard and 427.65 points in the 3-meter springboard. Capobianco had an emphatic finish, scoring a 96.90 on his final jump of the day, a 4 ½ forward somersault.

“Probably just as many, if not more, or different strong emotions went through him today than when he was on stage at the Olympics or the NCAA championships,” Johansen said. “And according to his form, he put in a great performance. We also see that there is more in the tank that he can add another 100 points to this list fairly easily. We make the hardest dive list in the world. No man makes dives harder than what Andrew does and when they all come together, which will hopefully be with those next three doubles meets and the championship season after that, we should see him go somewhere new. It’s hard to say he can get better, but he can.”

Diving filled the top spots in the standings. Junior Anne Fowler won both women’s competitions, scoring 304.13 in the 1 meter and 343.05 in the 3 meter. Sophomore Megan Carter took third place in each. In the men’s, Hoosiers took each of the top five places on the 3-meter board.

Sophomore’s sister duo Anna Pepłowski and seniors Noelle Peplowski once again impressed and won four events each. The younger won the backstroke competitions, while her elder achieved victories in each of the breaststroke competitions, highlighting her achievements.

Senior Brendan Burns had another strong day, sweeping the men’s backstroke events to go hand in hand with a win in the 200-yard butterfly, which he won by over six seconds after touching in 1:42.11. Despite wearing a tracksuit, Burns’ time this season is the sixth-fastest in the country.

Michigan’s Jared Daigle took the only two first places for the Wolverines that day. He touched the wall first in the 1,000 yard freestyle with a time of 9:08.67 before taking first place in the 200m in the final individual of the day with a time of 1:47.30.

For the Michigan women Katie Crom swam a stunning 2:00.65 and finished first in the 200-yard butterfly, winning by over a full second. Brady Kendall touched the wall first in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 54.39.



Luke Barr – Season 200 Medley (1:25.74)

Brendan Burns – 100 backstroke (46.29), 200 butterfly (1:42.11), 200 backstroke (1:42.56)

Mikey Calvillo – 500 Freestyle (4:27.52)

Andrew Capobianco – 1 meter jump (412.95), 3 meter jump (427.65)

Tomer Frankel – 200 medley relay (1:25.74), 100 butterfly (46.58), 400 freestyle relay (2:54.29)

Jack Franzman – Season 200 Medley (1:25.74)

Josh Matheny – 200 breaststroke (1:59.54)

Van Mathias – 200 medley relay (1:25.74), 50 freestyle (19.59), 400 freestyle relay (2:54.29)

Rafael Miroslaw – 200 freestyle (1:35.28), 100 freestyle (43.63), 400 freestyle relay (2:54.29)

Gavin Wight – 400 Freestyle Relay (2:54.29)

Jassen Yep – 100 breaststroke (54.50)

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Indiana women

Elizabeth Broshears – Season 200 Ply (1:38.80)

Anne Fowler – 3 meter dive (343.05), 1 meter dive (304.13)

Mariah Denigan – 1,000 freestyle (9:48.93), 500 freestyle (4:49.77)

Mackenzie Looze – 400 Freestyle Relay (3:20.82)

Kacey McKenna – 200 Medley Relay (1:38.80)

Kristina Paegle – 200 medley relay (1:38.80), 50 freestyle (22.40), 100 freestyle (49.60), 400 freestyle relay (3:20.82)

Anna Peplowski – 200 freestyle (1:47.21), 100 backstroke (53.84), 200 backstroke (1:56.93), 400 freestyle relay (3:20.82)

Noelle Peplowski – 200 medley relay (1:38.80), 100 breaststroke (59.93), 200 breaststroke (2:09.40), 200 IM (1:59.69)

Ashley Turak – 400 Freestyle Relay (3:20.82)