ISA Welcomes Indiana State Fair’s Partnership with Indiana Pacers Entertainment Inc. – AgriNews

INDIANAPOLIS – This time of year, many Hoosiers prepare and look forward to traditional events and gatherings.

From gift giving and holiday celebrations to popcorn and basketball games, Indiana’s calendar is packed with traditions that are eagerly enjoyed each year. Farming in Indiana also has its traditions.

One of the most important is working together towards a common goal. The Indiana Soybean Alliance carries on the tradition of Hoosier farmers working together.

Recently, ISA formed a new partnership with the Indiana Pacers professional basketball team to use high oleic soybean oil in the food preparation for all events at the Pacers’ home arena, Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

The words “We Grow Soybeans” can be seen on signs around Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

In addition, ISA will place informational signs around the building about the benefits of high oleic soybean oil used in food preparation and about the local farmers who grow the soybeans.

High oleic soybeans are sustainably grown on family-owned soybean farms in Indiana and processed into soybean oil at three facilities statewide.

High oleic soybean oil is a new vegetable oil that lasts longer for restaurant food preparation, making it more economical.

Demand for high oleic oil is growing, so Indiana farmers receive a premium for growing high oleic soybeans from companies that market the oil to food processors. More high oleic soybeans are grown in Indiana than anywhere else on earth.

“Indiana is the world’s leading producer of high oleic soybean oil. Basketball is one of Indiana’s greatest traditions, and the Pacers play the game at the highest level in the state,” said ISA Chairman Mike Koehne, a farmer from Greensburg.

“If the Pacers approve the use of high oleic soybean oil in the food preparation at games and events at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, it will benefit the Pacers, their fans and Indiana soybean farmers. This partnership is a hit.”

Indiana Pacers tickets have the slogan “We Grow Basketball” written on them.

Additionally, the Pacers are partnering with the upcoming Indiana State Fair. The fair recently announced that “basketball” is the theme of the 2023 event. ISA is also a partner of the Indiana State Fair.

A permanent structure on the fairgrounds, The Glass Barn is one of ISA’s primary educational facilities to educate consumers about the work and products of Indiana soybean farmers. Basketball will be integrated into the activities of the Transparent Barn again this year.

“In order to create a better understanding of Indiana agriculture and the way we grow our crops, checkoff dollars are being used to bridge the gap that exists between farmers and our neighbors, both on the land and at home in town,” said Koehne, who grows high-oleic soybeans on his farm in Decatur County.

“The Glass Barn has been an effective way of teaching people about farming in Indiana for many years. We believe this partnership with the Pacers to use high oleic oil also aligns with our check-off goals. It creates a new market for Indiana soybeans. It highlights our sustainable farming practices and demonstrates Indiana’s leadership in converting high oleic soybeans.”