Kidnapping, carjacking part of Indiana man’s felony charge | news

URBANA — An Indiana man who allegedly kidnapped his former girlfriend and her children and fled police in two states was charged with multiple serious crimes on Friday.

After hearing the allegations against Ryan Hutchison, 26, of Camby, Indiana, Judge Brett Olmstead set bail at $1 million.

Hutchison was charged with kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, violating a protective order, hijacking a vehicle, attempting to hijack a vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Assistant prosecutor Daniel Reynolds told the judge that Hutchison’s delinquency began Thursday in Indianapolis when he allegedly contacted his ex-girlfriend, who had a protective order against him, and asked if he could pick her and her daughters up to take them in a ride in a Camaro.

Once in the car, Hutchison reportedly drove west on Interstate 74 and eventually admitted to the woman that he “picked her up,” Reynolds said.

The Indiana State Police became involved and unsuccessfully attempted to stop Hutchison. The Camaro, which had been reported stolen from Terre Haute a few days earlier, made its way to Illinois, where police somewhere in Vermilion County laid out batons designed to flatten tires.

Hutchison did not stop for authorities and got off the interstate at the Prospect Avenue exit, where he nearly hit several cars before falling over a curb and coming to a stop.

Reynolds said Hutchison got out of the Camaro and approached a woman in the driveway at Steak N Shake, 2010 N. Prospect Ave. He allegedly reached into her open window, opened her door, pulled her out of the vehicle, and then got out and drove off.

He went to the nearby Burger King, 2110 N. Prospect Ave., stopped in front of the car in the drive-through and tried to open a woman’s car door. He pulled the handle and motioned for her to get out, but when she didn’t, he reversed over a concrete curb and into traffic.

At the intersection of Prospect and Olympian, police saw Hutchison run a red light and nearly collide with a semi truck, Reynolds said, while reaching speeds of up to 65 mph with two flat tires. He continued on the rims when the rubber came off the tires until the car came to a stop.

Hutchison then got out and ran onto a lawn. He was attacked by a police officer.

Reynolds asked for Hutchison’s $1 million bail, saying Hutchison told a police officer he had used cocaine, passed out and had no memory of what he did.

He also argued that Hutchison had three prior misdemeanor convictions in Indiana and a drug case pending there.

Assistant Public Defender Janie Miller-Jones asked for a lower bail, saying Hutchison needed to go to the emergency room after his arrest, said he was unemployed and lived with his father in Camby.

Olmstead explained that the most serious of the charges – aggravated kidnapping – carried a mandatory sentence of six to 30 years. Kidnapping and vehicle hijacking are Class 1 felonies with penalties ranging from probation to four to 15 years. The other allegations are less serious.

Hutchison is scheduled to appear in court again on February 28. He was ordered not to have contact with the woman or children named as victims in the kidnapping allegations.