Life University Enters into Articulation Agreement with Indiana University-Pennsylvania for Chiropractic

Life University (Life U) has announced a new partnership with Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). This partnership will create a pathway to an accredited chiropractic college for IUD students who wish to become chiropractors and advance vitalistic healthcare.

Under the agreement, IUP students must complete 90 semesters/135 quarterly credits at IUP and be accepted into Life U’s Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program to complete their foundation sciences (DC curriculum for the first year). Upon successful completion of the first year DC curriculum, the IUP student will meet the requirements to receive a bachelor’s degree from the IUP.

“This new partnership will help IUP seamlessly enroll students into our chiropractic program,” said Dr. Michael Smith, Associate Dean of Life University. “In addition, the students save money for living expenses and can start work earlier.”

This partnership was initiated by a member of her LIFEforce Tribe, Dr. Matthew Sleppy, brought to Life U. LIFEforce is a thriving group of individuals dedicated to spreading principled chiropractic around the world, which includes educational opportunities with other schools, career fairs and more. With this LIFEforce Tribe member’s connection to IUP, Life U was able to work together to bring this articulation agreement to life. LIFEforce membership allows chiropractors to connect with your community and raise awareness of chiropractic and all the wonderful possibilities it offers.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to provide IUD students with a quality path into the largest chiropractic school in the world,” said Sam Mahra, Executive Director of Enrollment Management at Life University.

Charmaine Townsend, director of chiropractic enrollment, further commented, “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Indiana University of Pennsylvania and create such an amazing opportunity for students pursuing a chiropractic education.”

According to Magi Rodgers, Executive Director of Alumni and Friends, “I’m grateful Dr. To support Sleppy and his efforts between LIFEforce and enrollment. It is a privilege to see our LIFEforce program thrive and our LIFEforce physicians making a difference and contributing to the growth of chiropractic through these diverse initiatives. Your leadership and contributions are appreciated at Life University. Thank you dr Sleppy and our entire Life U team for making a difference and helping bring chiropractic to the world.”

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