Michigan State misses late field goal, falls to Indiana: live update recap

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2nd AT: Michigan State is throwing three incompletions in four games, including a final one at the bottom of the end zone, and a 17-point slump is complete. The Hoosiers had lost seven straight games by entering that game. The Spartans are now wrapping up the regular season at Penn State and need an upset win to reach a bowl. Final score: Indiana 39, Michigan State 31

2nd AT: Indiana just completed his second pass of the day, a 24-yarder down inside the five-yard line to set up a touchdown a play later and take his first lead since the game began. A completed two-point conversion pass gives the Hoosiers an eight lead. Indiana 39, Michigan 31

1st AT: Michigan State blocks a 27-yard field goal from Indiana and we go into second overtime. State of Michigan 31, Indiana 31

1st AT: More field goal problems for Michigan State. The Spartans make the Indiana 11, but the snap on the field goal try is high and the kick is blocked. Indiana now only needs one field goal to win this game. State of Michigan 31, Indiana 31

4th quarter

End of regulation: Michigan State’s Ben Patton misses a 22-yard field goal and we go into overtime. The Spartans drove 70 yards to the Indiana 2-yard line, but their inconsistent kicking play failed to convert a game-winning chip shot. State of Michigan 31, Indiana 31

6:03: The Michigan State defense gives up a third-down scramble but then stops near midfield and forces the punt. Indiana still has just one completion for seven yards that day, but the Big Ten’s worst rushing offense has 247 yards down. State of Michigan 31, Indiana 31

9:15: Michigan State heads to the Indiana 26 where they met for 4th and 1st place finishes. The Spartans throw into the end zone, where two receivers are in the same spot. The pass goes incomplete and we are still tied. State of Michigan 31, Indiana 31

12:59: Michigan State goes just 21 yards after the Indiana field goal, and after another short Bryce Baringer punt, Indiana has short field and is making quick work of it. The Hoosiers quickly go 70 yards, all on the ground, to come back from 17 points and tie this game. State of Michigan 31, Indiana 31

3rd quarter

4:14: Michigan State’s defense gave up just six yards, but Indiana was already within field goal range after the interception. The Hoosiers kicked a 40-yard field goal and are now down to just one touchdown. State Michigan 31, Indiana 24

5:49: Michigan State threw an interception on the first game of the following drive. Germie Bernard appeared to have been hit before the throw reached him, resulting in a deflection in the air but no call. State Michigan 31, Indiana 21

6:04: Another great game for Indiana that won’t go away. The Hoosiers’ Jaylin Lucas returns a kickoff 88 yards for a touchdown and we’re back to a 10-point game. State Michigan 31, Indiana 21

6:18: Now it’s Elijah Collins’ turn to be the lead back. Collins caught a 22-yard pass on the drive and ended it with a 31-yard touchdown run that woke up Michigan State after a sleepy start. Spartans are up to 174 rush yards. State Michigan 31, Indiana 14

12:14: Michigan State didn’t sting in the first half. It opens the second half with two punts in just over three minutes as the team’s running game hasn’t worked so far. Indiana is down 61 yards after a short punt by Bryce Baringer. State Michigan 24, Indiana 14

13:40: After Michigan State quickly 3-and-out, Indiana starts its second half with a bang. On the first pull after the scrimmage, the Hoosiers’ Shaun Shivers breaks through Michigan State’s defense and dashes 79 yards down the touchline to make this a 10-point game. State Michigan 24, Indiana 14

2nd quarter

0:51: Indiana committed a third pass interference in the end zone today. Michigan State used a short touchdown pass to Keon Coleman to complete the third straight touchdown drive. Payton Thorne is an impressive 9-for-11 shot in the cold and high winds. State Michigan 24, Indiana 7

4:10: Michigan State almost pushes Indiana back into its own end zone for safety, and after a 48-yard punt, Jayden Reed brings it back inside Indiana’s 35-yard line. State Michigan 17, Indiana 7

6:43: Kenneth Walker III is in the game and Jalen Berger is making his best impression with several long runs. Elijah Collins finishes the drive with a 3-yard touchdown run to give Michigan State a two-point lead. The Spartans’ defense, meanwhile, has been suffocating Indiana since that opening goal. State Michigan 17, Indiana 7

11:50: From the “Take it how you can get it” file: Michigan State drives to the 5 yard line where Payton Thorne throws a pass to Elijah Collins at the goal line. Collins misses the catch but deflects it into the end zone where Maliq Carr catches it to put the Spartans ahead. State Michigan 10, Indiana 7

1st quarter

0:08: Michigan State’s defense saves the offense (and Mel Tucker) by stopping a runner behind the line of scrimmage, forcing an incompletion and recording a third sack. Indiana hits a punt from its own 43 and the Spartans lose nothing from the fourth down gamble. Indiana 7, Michigan 3

1:39: More questionable decision making by Mel Tucker. The Spartans get 4th and 1st in midfield and take a quick snap. It’s going nowhere, losing four yards and Indiana now has a small field and a chance to extend their lead. Indiana 7, Michigan 3

5:19: Indiana is running a six-game all-run drive. The Spartans give up a 15-yarder but bottle up the rest, forcing a punt near midfield. Indiana 7, Michigan 3

9:02: Michigan State reaches the 2-yard line in large part thanks to a flea flick against Keon Coleman. But they can’t smash it in there as the running game is going nowhere and Payton Thorne can’t find a target in third place. Ben Patton hits the field goal from 19 yards. Indiana 7, Michigan 3

13:25: Indiana started second quarterback Dexter Williams II in place of typical starter Connor Bazelak. In his first career start, Williams rushed the team 50 yards and rushed 34 yards down the sideline for a touchdown in just four games. A 43-yard kickoff return gave the Hoosiers good field position. Indiana 7, Michigan 0

Foreplay: Michigan State has a total of 46 players on the list not dressed for the day. Along with the suspended and long-term injured, new names include TE Tyler Hunt, OL Brian Greene, CB Ronald Williams, OL Jarrett Horst. Teams are usually understaffed at the end of November, but that’s quite a lot.


EAST LANSING — Michigan State has the Old Brass Spittoon and much more to offer this afternoon.

The Spartans can win their sixth game of the season and qualify for the Bowl if they can beat Indiana on a midday kickoff at Spartan Stadium.

They can send their seniors out with a high grade even after what has been a checkered 2022 season so far.

The Hoosiers have lost seven straight matchups and will be double-digit underdogs down the road.

It’s going to be a chilly day in East Lansing, with temperatures below freezing at kick-off. So pack yourselves up and we’ll have updates in this area throughout the afternoon.