My Two Cents: Just like that, Tom Allen’s hoosiers in position for a fantastic finish

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana — It was a cold, windy, brutal day in East Lansing — or ordinary November, as the locals call it — and trailing Michigan State by 17 points at halftime, Indiana’s football team would have had it easy to don their winter coats pack up and warm gloves and go home.

Quit, in other words.

After all, 2022 had turned into a lost season for the Hoosiers. It could have been called Lost Part 2 as an ugly sequel to the truly lost 2021 season. It sure was a box office hit.

But then something strange happened. Indiana answered. A team that couldn’t walk ran the ball. A team that couldn’t make key stops made them. A team that couldn’t throw completed two huge passes when it mattered most.