NBA Style Rankings: Damar Hamlin’s Love in Indiana, Denver’s Western Night and More

Week 12 of the NBA Style Rankings, the second week of 2023, marks a selection of overcoats, suits and cowboy hats. Nikola Jokic remained true to his statement on wearing suits during the game, and a player’s casual outfit can be more impressive than most people’s best. And of course we informed you about new arrivals this week.

Let’s get into that.

Welcome to the rankings, Poole. His yellow jacket not only looks comfortable, but is very necessary for the recent storms across Northern California. It appears to be a Nike ACG jacket and as a fan of Nike in general but their ACG collection in particular, I see the vision here.

Who doesn’t love western nights? The Denver Nuggets hosted one at the Ball Arena on Jan. 6, and Brown and Jordan clearly showed and showed.

Brown could almost be Woody from Toy Story in his jeans, orange shirt and cowboy hat. The brown boots go well with his shirt, and he added a denim jacket with fur around his neck. The mustache also sells this for Brown.

Jordan was black from head to toe, literally if we include his hat. Instead of a denim jacket, Jordan broke out a black leather jacket with tassels on the arms. He also has floral designs on his shirt with white accents. Also note the silver toes on his boots. At Jordan, it’s all in the details.

At the top, Westbrook wears a trucker hat from his Honor the Gift brand. His sweater reminds me so much of Cal’s mascot, Oski the Bear, in the best possible way. Westbrook also wore baggy white pants and black boots.

What I like most about the former MVP’s sense of style is that it’s so unpredictable. You can never tell exactly what Westbrook might wear and I can respect that.

We now know that Clarkson is a regular in the rankings. This week it’s the Cherry brand, from his hat to his shirt to his sweatpants. This appears to be a more relaxed fit from Clarkson, but even these have the potential to look better than others’ best. Check out his watch and bracelet โ€” and what looks like his AirPods Max with black feathers.

You can’t go wrong with a classic photo of Michael Jordan guarding a young Kobe Bryant. Edwards rocked this on a graphic tee, teamed with a dark brown striped flannel and baggy tan sweatpants. The third-year pro is on track to set career bests in points, rebounds and assists this season.

Is that Williams or Clark Kent? I don’t think Kent had a sense of style like Williams. My favorite part about this fit is the subtle difference in jean color between the jacket and jeans. His pants are a little darker and almost match his boots. The jacket, intentionally shorter than his white button-down shirt, is lighter and bluer than his jeans.

The black tie really gives this the Kent feel, but Williams’ fashion versatility is almost as impressive as his game on the pitch in his freshman season.

The first word that comes to mind when I see this fit is “futuristic”. It’s almost reminiscent of motocross in how the leather pops. With an eye-catcher like this, not much more is needed. He has a cuban link around his neck, an iced watch and a couple of rings.

3. Nikola Jokic, Denver Nuggets

Jokiฤ‡ has expressed his affinity for suits and he remains true to it. Another week, another formal fit for the two-time MVP. He’s wearing the blue pinstripe suit with a pastel purple turtleneck sweater underneath. As we see more of Jokiฤ‡ and his suits, I notice that he has a penchant for brown dress shoes – and I can understand why.

Last month, Jokiฤ‡ averaged 29.2 points, 12.3 rebounds and 10.1 assists on 60.4 percent of shots from the field. He doesn’t just look like it; he plays it too.

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Herro in the leaderboard, but he’s back with one of the coldest coats of the winter – which really looks extremely warm. With an eye-catcher like this, he only needed the white trousers and the cream-colored boots. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the ice cream that Herro rocks.

If you look closely, his sunglasses have shades of red that almost make them match his fur

The overwhelming support for Buffalo Bill’s safety Damar Hamlin wasn’t limited to any particular sport. After collapsing and resuscitating on the field on Jan. 2, Hamlin has continued to make progress and is awake with his family.

McConnell rocks the Hamlin jersey and tucks his Pacers team sweatshirts into his socks. I’ll always show a love of suits with leotards taking center stage, but the importance here is where McConnell landed unquestionably in the rankings for the first time.

(Photo: Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)