Shooting stars will light up the skies of southern Indiana this week

The folks of southern Indiana are in for quite a show this week as the skies light up with shooting stars.

Meteor showers are not uncommon. Many refer to these meteors as “shooting stars”, which is not entirely accurate as they are not stars at all, but I understand why they are known as such. In any case, make sure you come up with a lot of wishes because chances are you will see some of these “shooting stars” this week.

Pine trees silhouette shooting stars of milky way

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Leonid meteor shower peaking this week

The Leonids meteor shower is active between November 3rd and December 2nd. This year they will peak on November 18th and 19th, so this week. The term “peak” here means that they are the most common in the night sky at this time. According to

The Leonids are caused by ice and dust debris left behind by 55P/Temple-Tuttle as it traverses the solar system, orbiting the sun every 33 years. In 2031 he will return.

As Earth passes the comet’s debris, the “comet crumbs” heat up as they enter Earth’s atmosphere, creating impressive “shooting stars” that streak across the sky.

Happy family watching meteor shower. night sky.


What to Expect with the Leonids Meteor Shower

This year has the potential to see more of these shooting stars per hour, at rates nearly 10 times higher than normal. According to Accuweather, viewers could see between 50 and 200 meteors per hour if the calculations are correct. That’s a lot of shooting stars and would make for a fun night of stargazing… if you pack up.

Accuweather says we should have fair viewing conditions for the meteor shower this week here in southern Indiana. You should head outside to see them on November 19th from midnight to 12:30pm CST. The website further states:

Meteors associated with the Leonids are often bright, meaning some shooting stars might be visible in areas closer to major cities, but for the best chance of seeing meteors, it’s recommended to travel into a darkness that is away from man-made light pollution.

So pack up and get ready for one of the best celestial light shows of the year this week… oh and don’t forget to send us some pics too!

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