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Hey, I think we have something here. Indiana clinched its third straight Big Ten double-digit win with a strong performance against Michigan State on Sunday.

Indiana fell early 17-8 and again by nine 25-16. But a 10-0 IU run changed the game and the Hoosiers led 37-32 at halftime. The Spartans rebounded and took a 51-49 second-half lead with 13:34 in the game – only to be immediately faced with a second 10-0 IU run. This time, the Hoosiers never looked back.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Hoosiers won 82-69 with another issue of The Report Card.

Indiana (13-6, 4-4) will next travel to Minnesota for a 9 p.m. game in Minneapolis on Wednesday night.


IU coach Mike Woodson talks about being an inside-out team and they really were that on Sunday, with dominant efforts from both Trayce Jackson-Davis in the paint and Trey Galloway and Tamar Bates on the rim.

Jackson-Davis said Galloway and Bates’ 8-of-9 joint performance of three made his life easier.

“In the second half, they spaced the ground and allowed me to go one-on-one,” Jackson-Davis said after scoring 18 in the second half. “I feel like there isn’t a person in the country who can honestly protect me. So if we score and everything clicks we’re a great team and hard to beat.”

Michigan State didn’t fully double Jackson-Davis, but they threw extra bodies his way and sometimes tried to dig out the ball. It was almost as if the Spartans were torn over which way to defend him and chose a hybrid route. There were no good answers as IU made 9 out of 15 threes that day. These were important marks because IU converted at only 42.5 percent clip from the 2 point area.

“You can maybe understand why sometimes you choose not to double or not to dig,” Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said. “It just depends on which way you want to go.”

The way IU wanted and went was diagonally with his passes off the post, since Michigan State didn’t have any rotating defenders on the weak side. These passes created some of the open threes.

The Hoosiers helped each other significantly with a 21-of-24 tag at the free throw line and nine offensive rebounds that resulted in nine second chance points. And they only flipped the ball nine times.

IU averaged 1.22 points per possession, her best performance this season against a strong main opponent.


Michigan State came out hot, going 7-of-11 to open the game. Indiana looked a step slow, almost like they weren’t ready for a lunchtime tip.

“They took a couple of shots,” Woodson said. “(Joey) Hauser made some hard shots from the rebound as well as from the aftermath. Trayce gave up a few buckets under on post-up games. So those are things that I yelled about the rest of the game.”

MSU made just 13 of its next 37 shots (35 percent) in the final four minutes of the game, so Woodson’s screaming worked.

IU was clearly determined to limit Three’s good looks after Michigan State came into play with three very good shooters. MSU got up just 14 tries from long range and made just four. The Spartans also only had six assists for the game, as IU was largely able to turn them into a one-on-one dribbling drive team. That’s something Indiana likes with its awaiting rear-end rim guard.

But like most of the season, Indiana fouled far too many times, and Michigan State capitalized with 28 free-throw attempts. For a second straight game, IU was lucky an opponent didn’t make the freebies as MSU missed nine.

The Spartans scored 1.02 points per possession, although that number was a bit inflated as they scored 12 in the final five minutes after the lead had swollen.



Trayce Jackson-Davis (A) From an efficiency standpoint, it started slow but finished strong. Jackson-Davis’ rebounds, blocks and free-throw shooting were exceptional. His death was exquisite. When it comes to knocking, Jackson-Davis’ defense was absent at times.

Jordan Geronimo (B-) After several strong games, Geronimo could not stay on the ground due to foul problems. He made another three, but this wasn’t an exceptional day for the starting forward.

Miller Kopp (B-) He made a bizarre move with an early flagrant foul and had another day where he couldn’t get anything going offensively save for a dunk at the baseline. Kopp was pretty good at guiding MSU’s shooters off the bow.

Jalen Hood-Schifino (B-) Obviously a day off for the freshman guard, who appeared to suffer a thigh contusion in the second half. Hood-Schifino just never looked comfortable in this one.

Trey Galloway (A) Exceptional performance by Galloway who played 35 minutes without turnover and made all his three-pointers and free-throws. And he led the team for much of the second half as Hood-Schifino struggled with his injury. He was efficient on offense, relieved and was trapped on defense.

Tamar Bates (A) With MSU playing three guards, this looked like a game IU would need Bates in — and he shone. He was just as impressive as Galloway, with an efficient tag and improved defensive play. This came from two straight zero-point games, so a much-needed rebound effort.

Malik Reneau (B+) Reneau continued his trend of showing great effort and even jumping on the ground after a loose ball. IU made a positive turn every time he came into play. The only knock remains his excessive fouling.

Race Thompson returned shortly after his knee injury. CJ Gunn also played, along with a multitude of players who came at the last minute.


Overall, Indiana had 12 scholarship players that were healthy and available as of Sunday. Xavier Johnson (foot) was not available.

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