State of the State 2023 by Governor Eric Holcomb

INDIANAPOLIS — Gov. Eric Holcomb delivers his annual state of the state address to lawmakers Tuesday at 7 p.m

You can see the full address in the player below.

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Holcomb has three goals:

  • Secure Indiana’s place in the economy of the future
  • Transforming public health delivery across the state
  • Make unprecedented investments in teaching from preschool through college and adult education.

According to Holcomb, there was a record $22 billion in committed capital investments in 2022.

He’s requesting the state’s largest investment to date in K-12 tuition support, with an increase of more than $1.1 billion. That money would increase tuition and ban textbook and curriculum fees.

“Indiana’s college campus needs to be the epicenter of brain gain, not brain drain,” Holcomb said.

In southern Indiana, the state has acquired the abandoned Monon South railroad corridor through Floyd, Clark, Washington, Orange and Lawrence counties. At 62.3 miles, it will be the longest continuous multi-use trail in the state. It starts in New Albany. The state says nearly $150 million has been invested in trails since 2019.

Governor Holcomb is also calling for a significant increase in state funding for public health, which has been recommended by the Governor’s Public Health Commission.

Gov. Holcomb also called for major investments to increase school safety grants by 30%, increase the starting salary for the Indiana State Police to $70,000 a year, and provide funding for firefighter training and protective equipment.

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer released the following statement:

“Governor Holcomb has made it clear that this is Indiana’s time.

“Because of nearly two decades of conservative policy and practice, we can make historic investments in law enforcement and public safety, secure Indiana’s place in the economy of the future, transform public health delivery across the state, and continue to make unprecedented investments in our classrooms.

“It’s what Indiana needs and Hoosiers deserve.”

The Indiana Democratic Party shared the following statement from Chairman Mike Schmuhl.

“Following his seventh State of the State address, it is heartening to see Gov. Holcomb admit the truth about the reality of Indiana: Republicans have failed Hoosiers. Our state faces poor quality of life ratings, a worsening brain drain crisis, an inadequate education system, and dismal maternal death rates and pollution levels — all of which rest on the shoulders of Republicans.

Indiana Democrats stand ready to solve the everyday problems that matter most to Hoosiers: universal preschool education, a quality education for every student with better-paid teachers, ending the state’s brain drain, women making their own health care decisions, and ending culture wars forever.

After nearly twenty years of Republican rule, it’s time to hold them accountable so we can all live in a better, stronger Indiana. Hoosiers should never have to settle for being at the bottom of the pack.”