The 10 biggest blowouts in rivalry history

In terms of blowouts, Purdue’s Indiana streak borrowed heavily from the Boilermakers.

Since World War II, Purdue have had victories in 9 of the 10 biggest blowouts, the only outlier being the Hoosiers’ 45-point win at the end of the 1988 season. It’s no surprise that Purdue was the dominant team. Overall, the Boilermakers have a 75-42-6 lead in the series and have held a 61-32-3 lead since the introduction of the Old Oaken Bucket in 1925.

Let’s take a look back at the 10 biggest blowouts between Purdue and Indiana in modern times (post-WWII):

Purdue 62, Indiana 10

22 Nov 2008 • Ross Ade Stadium

Purdue wanted to retire Joe Tiller in style, and on the final Saturday of the 2008 regular season, he blasted the Hoosiers’ doors. It was Tiller’s 87th win as head coach of the Boilermakers, spanning 12 seasons from 1997–08. And boy what a run it was when Tiller restored a program that had almost hit rock bottom in the past decade. Tiller took Purdue to 10 bowl games, including the Rose Bowl in 2001.

The game itself was completely dominated by the Boilermakers as they scored in their first 10 drives. Curtis Painter has passed for 5 touchdowns and 448 yards while Kory Sheets has 3 touchdowns to set the rushing mark at 17 for a season.

Purdue wasn’t great in Tiller’s final season, only 4-8, but it was a heck of a lot better than the 3-9 Hoosiers.

No. 23 Purdue, 56, Indiana 7

Nov. 22, 1997 • Memorial Stadium

Purdue surprised the Big Ten in 1997 when Tiller brought his “basketball on grass” offensive to West Lafayette and took the league by storm.

Indiana got caught up in the final game of the season when an 8-win Purdue team smoked the 2-win Hoosiers. The Boilermakers mustered more than 500 yards of offense, yet it was only a 2-touchdown game through the end of the 3rd quarter. However, then Purdue exploded and scored 35 points in the final 16:08 to turn the game into a loss. Edwin Watson was the star for the Boilermakers, rushing for 163 yards and 2 touchdowns on Senior Day.

#10 Purdue 51, Indiana 6

Nov. 19, 1966 • Ross Ade Stadium

Quarterback Bob Griese certainly delivered for the Boilermakers in his last game in Ross-Ade. The All-America QB, who finished second in Heisman Trophy voting to Steve Spurrier, threw 3 touchdowns, had 2 more rushing scores and scored an extra point in Purdue’s 45-point win.

Not only did it give the Boilermakers their 17th Old Oaken bucket in 19 seasons, but they also holed their ticket to the Rose Bowl for the first time in program history, beating USC on New Year’s Day 1967. Jack Mollenkopf’s Purdue squad just destroyed the hapless Hoosiers and led 41-0 in the half that contained 34 points in the 2nd quarter. The great Boilermakers Leroy Keyes had a passing TD, a rushing TD and an interception.

Indiana 52, Purdue 7

Nov. 19, 1988 • Ross Ade Stadium

Bill Mallory’s Hoosiers had suffered back-to-back losses en route to West Lafayette at the end of the 1988 season, but they found perfect fodder in the Boilermakers, who lagged along in Fred Akers’ sophomore season.

Indiana, who would later win the Liberty Bowl against South Carolina for an 8-win season, beat Purdue early and went 31-7 at the break en route to a 45-point win, the largest lead in the Hoosiers series -Victory.

Purdue 52, Indiana 7

Nov. 21, 1998 • Ross Ade Stadium

During the Tiller era, Purdue dominated the Indiana rivalry, beating the Hoosiers ten times in a 12-year span. And the 1st 2 weren’t just beatings, they were beatings.

Quarterback Drew Brees, who was in his first season as a Purdue starter, passed for just 237 yards in the Purdue win but had 4 of his 20 completions counting. And the Boilermakers rolled 220 yards to the ground. Meanwhile, Indiana struggled to move the ball, totaling under 250 yards. IU scored the first 7 points of the game, but Purdue responded by counting the next 52. And a month later, the Boilermakers ended a 9-win season by upsetting Kansas State at the Alamo Bowl.

Purdue 40, Indiana 0

Nov. 21, 1970 • Ross Ade Stadium

In his first season taking on the great Mollenkopf, Bob DeMoss notched up some nice preseason wins, against TCU and then No. 3 Stanford, but in late November the Boilermakers were reeling after losing 4 straight.

But Purdue blew out the Hoosiers — IU had its own troubles with just one win — by the widest lead in a shutout in the series.

Purdue 63, Indiana 24

November 20, 2004, Ross-Ade

By the end of the 2004 season, Purdue was ready to take its frustrations out on the visiting Hoosiers. After a 5-0 start and 5th in the rankings, the season went sideways for the Boilermakers and they lost 4 games in a row with a total of 10 points. Quarterback Kyle Orton, once a Heisman frontrunner, was injured during the streak, derailing a gargantuan senior season.

But Orton was healthy again when the bucket game rolled around, and he showed it by throwing for 522 yards and 6 touchdowns; His 530 total yards set a Purdue record. Wide receiver Taylor Stubblefield also had a record day, catching 14 passes to give him an NCAA career-record 309.

The game was never close. Orton only needed the 1st half to accumulate 401 passing yards and 4 points while Purdue led 42-10 at the break. For the Boilermakers, the win came as some relief after the difficult stretch, even though the Boilermakers won just 7 games in 2004.

Purdue 39, Indiana 0

Nov. 20, 1948 • Ross Ade Stadium

Stu Holcomb’s Boilermakers won just 3 games during the 1948 season, but one of them was a shutout by rival Hoosiers.

DeMoss quarterback Purdue had a great day speeding up the football, with Harry Szulborski scoring 197 and Norbert Adams scoring another 148.

Purdue 51, Indiana 14

Nov. 24, 1995 • Memorial Stadium

Jim Colletto’s Purdue wasn’t very good in 1995 – the win over IU was only the 4th of the season – but the Hoosiers were worse as Mallory’s crew was winless in the Big Ten and only had 2 Ws overall.

On Black Friday, the Boilermakers were definitely the better team at Memorial Stadium as Mike Alstott was by far the best player on the field as the senior running back rushed for 264 yards and 3 touchdowns. Purdue scored the first 24 points of the game and painted 3 more touchdowns on the scoreboard in the 3rd quarter.

Purdue 44, Indiana 7

27 Nov 2021 • Ross Ade Stadium

The Boilermakers had found their groove in the 2nd half of the 2021 season, beating then-No. 2 Iowa and No. 3 Michigan State en route to a 9-win season. The Hoosiers proved no match for Aidan O’Connell and Co.

O’Connell passed for 278 yards and 4 touchdowns and completed 26 of his 31 passes for a Boilermaker’s best completion percentage (.839) in an Old Oaken bucket game. But it wasn’t just an insult to Jeff Brohm’s crew; Purdue’s defense kept the Hoosiers at 205 yards and helped send IU into a winless Big Ten season.