The Attorney General is seeking an Indian surgeon’s license

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is seeking the suspension of surgeon Dr. Scott Mimms of Indianapolis, who describes him as a “clear and imminent threat” to public health.

A petition was filed with the Medical Licensing Board on Friday and will be considered at the board’s meeting scheduled for Thursday morning.

Mimms, who specializes in cosmetic surgery and advertises on Instagram, was recently featured in a CBS4 investigation into the state government’s medical malpractice insurance business. The Indiana Residual Malpractice Insurance Agency provides coverage for medical professionals who have been denied by at least two private insurers. Indiana is one of only a handful of states that offers its own malpractice coverage. One industry expert described these government programs as “the insurance of last resort.”

In our exclusive story, we reported that Mimms had filed 17 malpractice complaints with the Indiana Department of Insurance. There are now 18 complaints.

Mimm’s license suspension request is based on four consumer complaints filed with the Attorney General’s Office.

The first is dated April 4thth last year came from an employee of the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA). During an application for a license extension, Mimms answered yes to whether he had a recent misconduct settlement and whether medical privileges at a hospital had been revoked.

Mimms offered written IPLA explanations for both answers. He said a malpractice case involving recent hernia surgery was recommended settlement by an unnamed insurance carrier. dr Mimms also explained that his departure from the Community Health Network included questions about surgeries performed in 2020 during the COVID pandemic. He wrote that he suspected “racial discrimination was involved” in the investigation and tried to hire a lawyer. It is noted that Mimms voluntarily gave up privileges rather than spend time answering the hospital system’s questions.

That same month, patient Erica Salami filed a complaint about arm lift surgery with “post-surgical complications” and that Mimms charged her for that procedure and a breast augmentation that was never performed.

In December, two complaints were filed against Mimms by colleagues. dr Jon Jansen, chief of surgery at the community hospital, told the attorney general’s office that a patient of Mimms died when it was discovered that the patient’s intestines had been punctured during liposuction. The injury caused septic shock and death.

The cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jason Cacioppo urged the Attorney General for an immediate suspension of Mimm’s license, saying he was aware of “two new deaths that have occurred at[Mimms’]hands.”

In response to these allegations, Mimms spoke to CBS4/FOX59 by phone.

“I’ve become a target,” said Mimms, who claims Community Health Systems used him as a scapegoat. Mimms explained that when problems arose with surgeries Mimms was involved in, patients were encouraged to sue him rather than Community Health hospitals.

Mimms promised that a defamation lawsuit against Community Health was in the works.

The Medical Licensing Board meets on Thursday. The meeting’s agenda includes consideration of Mimm’s license suspension request. Mimms said he will be present at this meeting.