These are apparently Indiana’s worst small towns

A website recently analyzed all of the small towns in the state of Indiana to determine which are the worst, and the results might surprise you.

As someone from a small town in Indiana, I’m proud of where I come from. Boonville, Indiana is a great place to raise a family and call home. I don’t care what anyone says. Indiana is full of small towns. Most of these small towns in the state are very charming. There is so much pride in these small towns. However, most would agree that not all small towns are great places. That being said, one publication just found Indiana’s ten worst small towns.

We recently explored the city of Indiana, which was named the “most unusual” in the state, as well as three Indiana cities that were named the best small towns in the state. Now let’s take a look at the small towns that have been cited as the worst in Indiana.

A website called RoadSnacks did a little research and came up with the ten worst small towns in Indiana. Their results were determined based on several factors: unemployment rate, crime rate, housing costs, early school leavers, median adjusted income, and population density. Before we share the list of cities, remember that I’m just the messenger here. If you live in one of these small Indiana towns, don’t blame me for this list.

According to RoadSnacks data, these are the worst small towns in Indiana:

1. Country Squire Lakes

2. Union City

3. Montpellier

4. Brook

5. Veedersburg

6. Austin

7. Kentland

8. Knox

9. Jasonville

10. Fairmount

There you have it. The worst small town in Indiana is Country Squire Lakes. After checking out Country Squire Lakes online I don’t think it looks as bad as the data suggests. I mean it’s full of lakes, a beach, fishing areas, a marina and fun events. Honestly it sounds like my kind of place. However, according to data and science, it’s apparently not as beautiful as it sounds. I suppose you can find out for yourself if these small towns are as bad as the data says.

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Outside of the big cities, the state of Hoosier is full of tiny towns that you’ve probably driven through on your way to one of these towns. Most of them are probably 100 to 150 years old or older and have been around much longer than the major metropolitan areas like Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend and Evansville. Typically, they were founded by early settlers who found their way into the state and decided to make it home. Eventually others joined them and a community was formed. Over time, as surrounding areas grew, most of these were incorporated into those areas and governed by the nearest city or governing body, making them officially “unincorporated”, meaning that they had no formally organized local government of their own had.

A scroll through Wikipedia’s long list of Indiana unincorporated communities reveals that some of them have names that by today’s standards would be considered weird, quirky, or just downright funny. These are my 40 favorites.

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