TOC Staff Picks: Indiana Hoosiers vs. Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State has gotten back into the bowl eligibility conversation and is currently one win away from winning some key drills and another game on the schedule.

The old brass spittoon is at stake. The Indiana Hoosiers have struggled all season and enter Saturday’s competition with a 3-7 overall record and a 1-6 conference mark.

MSU is a double-digit favorite for the second straight weekend, and the Spartans are looking to head to Happy Valley next week with a climax against Penn State.

Our writers explain what to expect from the Spartans and Hoosiers this weekend.

State Michigan 30, Indiana 13

These two teams are going in opposite directions. Indiana has lost seven straight games while Michigan State seemed to be finally gaining traction with three wins in their last four games, including two straight. Indiana isn’t doing particularly well — the Hoosiers rank 120th (out of 131 teams) on the FBS in points per game allowed (34.6) and 102nd in offense scoring (22.4 points per game). That’s a bad combination. MSU keeps the momentum going at home on Seniors Day, covering the spread against the struggling Hoosiers to get approved for the Bowl.

State Michigan 32, Indiana 21

The spread in this game is between 10 and 11 points and that is essentially where this game ends. The Hoosiers haven’t won a game since September 17, and I don’t think that trend on the road, on seniors’ day, in the winter, with a bowl appearance on the line, will be reserved for the home team. This is a game the Spartans must win to keep Reconstruction on a solid footing. I believe they will make it.

State Michigan 27, Indiana 13

Michigan State is the better team and won’t have any problems with Indiana this weekend. MSU earns bowl eligibility thanks to a three-touchdown effort from wide receiver Keon Coleman and a strong defensive display.

State Michigan 24, Indiana 14

This will be a sloppy game played in harsh, icy conditions. Indiana has not scored more than 17 points since October 15. Michigan State’s defense should have no problem with the Hoosiers’ offense.

Michigan State’s ground game is set to have a solid day. Look for running back Jalen Berger, who has over 80 rushing yards. Running game must be good as quarterback Payton Thorne has been inconsistent lately. The Spartans will win, but Indiana will protect.

State of Michigan 24, Indiana 20

The last home game for Michigan State offers the best opportunity to qualify for the Bowl against a stumbling Indiana team that has lost seven games in a row.

I expect a brave Hoosiers team that will be annoying if not annoying at keeping the result questionable. Dexter Williams II is a troubled running quarterback, replacing Connor Bazelak in games against Penn State and Ohio State and showing lightning-fast playmaking with his feet. While not a sophisticated passer, he does cause problems, especially when the Spartans use defensive tackles on the edge.

The snowy weather is an additional element along with the emotions of Seniors’ Day. Conditions will happily dampen MSU’s passing attack and require more reliance on a quick attack that has been less than effective at several points throughout the season.

In the end, the Spartans win an ugly but essential victory for the program.

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