Video shows a young boy brandishing a gun in front of Indiana homes

A father spent most of the weekend in jail after his little boy was seen on security video waving a loaded handgun around an Indiana apartment complex, authorities said Monday.

Shane E. Osborne, 45, was arrested Saturday night after the boy brandished a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistol, which police say was a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun, Beech Grove police said.

Osborne was sent to a local jail on suspicion of neglecting a loved one, according to a police report and inmate information. The allegation is a criminal offence. No deposit was listed.

It’s not clear what role police believe in the incident, as they have yet to offer a full narrative. No defense attorney was listed in Osborne’s inmate files, and the state’s office of public defender said it will decline to comment until the court officially assigns an attorney to represent him.

Officers obtained security video from Ring Video Doorbell showing the boy, an infant or preschooler in a training diaper, playfully wielding the gun on a second-level landing of an apartment complex.

First, the boy quickly moves to a staircase and momentarily aims the gun down the slope, as the video shows. He then goes back to the upper level units and points the gun at apartment doors before partially rotating it on a finger so the barrel is pointing up as it shows.

The boy walks back to a unit, picking up the gun in his left hand and opening the door with his right before stepping inside.

Officers responding to the boy’s account with a gun were recorded for immediate broadcast on cable network Reelz’s “On Patrol: Live.”

The network provided video of the response, including the narration of a downstairs neighbor who suggested the boy was interacting with her son as he walked to the edge of the stairs and looked down.

“My son opened the door and the little boy upstairs is standing there with a gun,” said the woman, who was not identified as she stood in her open doorway. “I said, ‘Shut the door — he’s got a gun.'”

The neighbor said she looked through the peephole of her front door and saw the boy standing upstairs, the gun behind his back.

An arriving officer, identified by “On Patrol: Live” as Sgt. Zach Horgan, asked the woman if the gun had an orange tip, like a toy.

“No, no,” she said, claiming it was real. “It’s chrome, black, looked like a big ’45. I sell guns.”

Another unidentified neighbor said so, telling police, according to the show, “This is not a toy.”

The boy’s name has not been released as he is a minor.

The department’s incident report lists the boy’s home and the father’s home as the same entity. According to the report, a woman with the same surname as the suspect lives in a separate apartment. Her age, 63, could match that of a grandparent.

According to the report, several neighbors were interviewed as part of the investigation.

Police described the gun as a Model SD9 VE 9mm pistol that had a loaded 15-round magazine but no cartridge in its chamber. Introduced in the last decade, the weapon contains a frame made of polymer, the same class of material used for illegal ghost weapons.

However, the Smith & Wesson firearm also includes a stainless steel slide and barrel. Its weight of 22.7 ounces is pretty normal.

Osborne was due to appear in court Thursday, the public defender’s office said.

Matthew Mata and Melanie Kucera contributed.