Why most young adults in the Evansville area stay around

EVANSVILLE, Indiana – Becca Lax is not like many young adults in their mid-20s who grew up in Evansville.

The 25-year-old graduate of Reitz High School and Purdue University lives and works in Austin, Texas, more than 900 miles from southwest Indiana.

While some of her friends also live far away from Evansville, none of them have moved that far to Lax.

“I don’t really consider myself one of my few friends as we’ve mostly scattered a bit, but I’m the one who’s gone the farthest while the others are just a few hours from Evansville,” she said. “However, I feel like a lot of my class has stayed close to Evansville.”

A new study of migration patterns by the United States Census Bureau and Harvard University found that 71 percent of young adults in Southwest Indiana have not moved. According to census data, those who relocated for their jobs, on average, went to an area about 120 miles from Evansville.