Why the Indiana Pacers will move up the table this week

The Pacers have been playing solid basketball lately. They are currently on a 6-game win streak at home and have won 7 of their last 9. They’re playing a lot better than they were given credit for at the start of the season and Tyrese Haliburton is looking better than we could have imagined.

An example of this is already their winning amount. Their preseason aggregate wins totaled either 22 or 23 games, depending on where you looked. As of this writing, they’ve already won 23 games and we’re well ahead of the All-Star break.

So how does next week look for the Pacers and what can fans expect? We have the details and predictions below.

Pacer in Knicks, Wednesday 11 January

The Knicks welcome the Pacers to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday after two days off. Winning in New York is never easy and the Knicks are a pretty good team this year. But on paper, this should be a game the Pacers could win if they stick with the type of basketball they’ve been playing lately. The Knicks are 22-18, 9th offensive, 9th defensive, and 8th net.

This should be a relatively even game, but the Knicks will have home field advantage. However, the Pacers are the hotter team right now.

Our forecast: The Pacers oust the Knicks in an extremely close game.

Hawks at Pacers, Friday January 13th

The Pacers then return home to play the Hawks, who continue to struggle (18-21) and lose 5 of their last 6 contests. Trae Young continues to have trouble shooting from deep and there have been reports of chemistry issues in the dressing room. The Pacers recently beat the Hawks on Dec. 27 and are the better team on paper (15th net rating vs. 25th net rating).

Our forecast: The Pacers get back on track and win big against the Hawks at Gainbridge.

Grizzlies at Pacers, Friday January 14th

The Pacers end the week by greeting a Western conference opponent. The Grizzlies are a talented team with a talented point guard at Ja Morant (sound familiar?). The Grizzlies are 25-13 this season and have the second-highest net rating in the NBA this season. The Grizzlies are statistically the better team in this duel. What Memphis hangs her hat on is an excellent defense, ranked number one in the entire NBA. We expect this to be a challenging night for the Pacers.

Our forecast: The Pacers stay close but ultimately fail at home to Memphis, ending their home game winning streak.