Andrew Doty is proud to call Carlsbad home after five years as a resident

Andrew Doty first felt out of place when he moved to Carlsbad five years ago, but the West Texan said he feels at home in the family-friendly community.

Doty, director of information systems at Carlsbad Medical Center and Region 2 director for Community Health Systems (CHS), moved to Eddy County after his young daughter moved into the community.

“When I moved here, I didn’t know anyone,” he says. “I wanted to be there when he was young (his daughter’s growth). I was kind of nervous and kind of scared. The community accepted. They took me in and took care of me.

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“I wasn’t used to that where I grew up. Nobody talks to everyone. It wasn’t that friendly. It just flipped that switch in me and I felt like I wanted to do the same thing they were doing,” he said.

Doty was born in Graham, Texas and grew up in the Midland-Odessa region of west Texas.

“Carlsbad is great. It’s a super tight community. Some people sometimes tell me, “It’s so much different. It’s going away from how it used to be.’ I can hardly imagine that. For me, the community is great,” he said.

Andrew Doty, director of information systems at Carlsbad Medical Center, oversees all of the hospital's technology.

Doty, like all parents, is trying to balance work and family so he can spend time with his daughter, who is now 10 years old.

He described his job at Carlsbad Medical Center as an intermediary between information technology (IT) and the hospital.

“I organize everyday life. I have some regional and corporate responsibilities and some compliance and audit responsibilities. I’m just trying to keep everything going,” Doty said.