De-escalation training helps New Mexico police officers defuse potentially violent confrontations


SANTA FE — De-defusing potentially violent confrontations with the public was the subject of a third free training course offered to New Mexico-certified law enforcement officers at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy (LEA).

“The two-day course Realistic de-escalationis part of a series of free training courses aimed at this Modernize the New Mexico law enforcement training curriculum and align certified police officers with best practices in interacting with the public. said Public Safety Secretary Jason R. Bowie. “De-escalation techniques provide critical skills for accurately assessing and, if possible, defusing conflicts. The goal is to avoid using force techniques. The Law Enforcement Academy strives to provide the best possible education that every New Mexican will benefit from. The de-escalation course focuses on ways to help people in crisis situations.”

“The Santa Fe-based LEA, a division of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, provides standards for all training and certification of police officers and public safety telecom (PST) personnel for state, regional, municipal, and tribal law enforcement agencies in New Mexico . The academy also offers advanced and special courses such as de-escalation training,” said Assistant Secretary of the Department of Public Safety Benjamin A. Baker, the interim LEA director.

“This is cutting-edge training on a subject that is rarely taught or understood, but is absolutely critical to ensuring law enforcement can best protect life, property and human rights,” Baker said. “We are interested in officers engaging with the community with empathy and developing increased self-awareness. The LEA increases the officer’s capacity, professionalism and breadth of training. The increased level of professionalism resonates throughout their agency and the culture it embodies, as well as the communities in which the officers serve.

“The LEA recently introduced one Internal Affairs and Professional Standards and Ethics course that was geared towards it thorough internal affairs investigations, and a Implicit Bias Course. Each of the three courses were designed as a train-the-trainer course that prepares participating officers to implement internal programs in their own statewide agencies and to shape statewide policies and practices,” Baker said.

The New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy provides cadets, officers, and telecommunications professionals with exceptional training in all aspects of undergraduate, in-service, advanced, specialty, and instructor education built on a strong foundation of character, competence, compassion, dedication, and comprehensive teamwork.