Eleven ranked men’s basketball teams lose Saturday; tie brand

The day before Kentucky’s 63-56 win over No. 5 Tennessee on Saturday, Wildcats coach John Calipari took his team’s electronics with him.

“Do you know what we did last night?” Said Calipari after the game. “Not only did I collect the phones, I also collected the iPads and everything else. And all I told them is we’ll take care of it tomorrow. You go and have a great night’s sleep and you don’t watch anything.”

That game kicked off a chaotic Saturday in which 11 ranked teams lost in a single day, setting an AP poll record going back to Jan. 29, 2011, according to ESPN Stats & information research.

Nine of the eleven teams that lost on Saturday were on the road. And two of them faced ranked opponents.

On Saturday No. 5 Tennessee, No. 9 Arizona (87-68 in Oregon), No. 11 Kansas State (82-68 in No. 17 TCU), No. 14 Iowa State (62-60 in No. 2 Kansas) . ), #15 Arkansas (97-84 at Vanderbilt), #16 Miami (83-81 at NC State), #18 Wisconsin (63-45 at Indiana), #19 Providence (73-67 at Creighton) , No. 20 Missouri (73-64 in Florida), No. 23 San Diego State (76-67 vs. New Mexico), and No. 24 Duke (72-64 in Clemson) all lost.

Some of these losses impacted current conference races. Wisconsin has now lost three straight games in the Big Ten after starting 3-0. Arizona fell 4-3 in league play, a substantial margin to a 7-0 first-seeker UCLA team. Providence (6-1) is now in second place behind first-place finisher Xavier in the Big East. And Clemson is 7-0 in first place in the ACC, well ahead of a Duke team now 4-3 in the league in Jon Scheyer’s first year as head coach.

“Great environment, great chance for us and I know very well that it meant a lot to them,” said Scheyer after his team’s defeat by Clemson on Saturday. “[Clemson] played great. In the second half in particular, I think it was because they got into our color too easily. Back and forth all the way, I thought it was a great game. Both teams struggled to shoot. Disappointed in our boys, thought we were ready to play, thought we fought, thought we were spot on. … Disappointed with our boys and we need to learn and grow.

Ranked teams fell further on Sunday as No. 6 UConn lost for the fourth time in their last five games, losing an 85-74 result to unranked St. John’s. In another Big East match, Xavier in 12th place beat No. 25 Marquette 80-76.

Those two ranked team losses put it in 13th place over the weekend, breaking the record for most ranked losses in a weekend. It is the fourth time (1999, 2000, 2011) that 13 ranked teams have lost in a single weekend. It is also the second time in the history of the AP poll that at least 10 ranked teams have lost to unranked teams in a weekend.