Española shelter dogs wing it to Hamptons

Nov.25 (Reuters) – A litter of shaky Española Humane puppies recently boarded a private plane to take them to luxurious new lives in the Hamptons.

“They were born in someone’s backyard, and that person gave up the mother and nine puppies to the shelter,” said Mattie Allen, a spokesman for Española Humane.

After flying 3,300 miles across the country, the puppies and their mother — thought to be a German Shepherd/Husky mix — are waiting to be adopted by loved ones at the Hamptons’ Animal Rescue Fund in New York, aka ARF .

Although the Hamptons in an area of ​​Long Island, NY, used to have a homeless dog population, ARF CEO Scott Howe said the organization helped solve the problem through its neutering program, which began nearly 50 years ago.

Now his no-kill adoption center has plenty of room to take in unruly pooches from across the country.

The puppies and their mother brought a little bit of their home state to New York with their New Mexico names: Blue Corn, Biscochito, Ristra, Yucca, Piñon, Osha, Sopapilla, Frijoles, Chamisa, and Mama Zia.

Howe said people have already started to show interest in adopting the dogs, although they’re not quite ready for new families.

“People heard about the story. They’ve seen photos on social media, they’re filling out applications, and they’re calling us asking about the puppies from New Mexico,” Howe said. “The puppies will definitely be home for the holidays, and so will the mother.”

Allen said that knowing there is a waiting list for the dogs takes a huge load off of her and the shelter’s shoulders.

“Right now, we’ve just been inundated with more puppies the past few days,” Allen said.

“To know that these nine little fluffy babies and their mama will be lifted up so quickly and go to wonderful homes that can provide them with the very best care – it just feels like a huge sense of relief and gratitude for the generosity and that.” heart of the pilot’s spirit of adventure,” added Allen.

This rags to riches story was inspired by Dr. George Dempsey, a doctor and pilot from the Hamptons who noticed that Española Humane needed urgent help.

Dempsey said he was visiting his brother, who is a vet at the shelter, and was amazed at the overwhelming number of puppies in need of homes.

“There were 54 puppies, and I’ve never seen that many puppies in one place,” Dempsey said. “I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, we can hardly have puppies [at

ARF].’ “

Returning home, Dempsey told his brother about his “crazy idea” to fly across the country in his Cessna 182 to pick up some of the dogs and bring them back to New York.

“We kind of giggled about it, but then they started taking it seriously. I spoke to the ARF group here and it just clicked,” Dempsey said.

Unfortunately, Dempsey’s little plane could only accommodate a few pooches at a time. That’s why ARF enlisted the help of the Four Legged Flyers — a nonprofit organization that helps rescue dogs find forever homes.

Pilots Matthew Pellegrino and Jan Brentjens boarded their plane on November 19 with seven of the puppies.

Dempsey left the next day with the remaining two puppies and mother Zia.

About two days later, all 10 jet-lagged pooches had made it to the Hamptons and were getting their well-deserved rest.

“I’m just confident that I can continue this,” Dempsey said. “What I have done is a pretty event, but there is still so much need.”