Failed Republican candidate from New Mexico arrested in series of shootings against Democrats

A police officer speaks about Solomon Peña during a press conference.

Solomon Peña, a loser and a Republican (although those two terms are synonymous if you ask me), is also a fascist and a jerk because he thinks shooting at Democrat homes is a good idea. How do I know? His fool got arrested for it in New Mexico.

Here’s the deal: Peña ran for the New Mexico House of Representatives and he’s a rabid Republican and right-wing extremist, so of course he lost a “landslide” because the good people of New Mexico state have common sense. Rather than gracefully accepting his loss, he opted for a more Trumpian response, instead deciding to go full fascist and work with four equally stupid, fascist-minded gits to shoot at the homes of Democrats — Democrats who won their elections, I might add, because if there’s one thing Republicans hate more than telling the truth, it’s winning an election outright without cheating. Especially if it doesn’t take 15 times to get the vote right, but I digress.

Because these people are as inept as they are abominable, they cannot even commit crimes properly. Per The New York Times:

Mr Peña accompanied the men to the home of State Senator Linda Lopez on Jan. 3 and “tried to shoot,” but the automatic rifle he was using didn’t work, police said. Another man fired more than a dozen shots from a handgun, police said, including into Ms Lopez’s daughter’s bedroom.

Let me get this straight, not only did your gun jam, but you fired into a child’s room? Whatever happens to these ghouls, it’s not enough. All in all such a badly lost election The New York Times it’s convenient to call it a “landslide.” Maybe he lost by more than 73 percent of the votes because there were concerns that even if he did win, he wouldn’t be able to legally take office given his multiple convictions?! Per The New York Times:

The Albuquerque Journal reported in July that if Mr. Peña wins his race for the House of Representatives, he could be barred from taking office because of a criminal record that included convictions for burglary and larceny. The Journal reported that Mr Peña had served nearly seven years in prison after being convicted of theft from a major department store in 2008.

Call me Type-A – and you wouldn’t be the first to do so – but when you’re putting a lot of time and effort into something like an election, maybe you should be confident that you can make it a success and embrace the outcome ? Was Peña’s plan really like that? secret his way to elected office? Just manifest the result instead of making sure it was legal? Truly stunning in his incompetence and stupidity when it comes to plans.

Getting back to the story at hand, remember how I called it mean and incompetent? Here’s how these idiots got caught:

Bullet casings found at Ms Lopez’s home matched a handgun seized after a traffic stop just 40 minutes after the shooting, police said. The driver, Jose Trujillo, had an unrelated felony warrant out, police said. The car, they said, was registered to Mr. Peña.

I want to stay angry because these crimes are heinous and terroristic, but then these idiots have shown their asses so thoroughly that laughter gets in the way. Do the Germans have a word for it? I have a feeling they would.

From the same article:

Kyle Hartsock, the police department’s homicide squad deputy commander, said Monday that police “have someone involved in this conspiracy who is speaking to the police.” That person, he said, helped confirm that Mr. Peña was at the Jan. 3 shooting.

Mr Hartsock said that Mr Peña hired others to carry out at least two of the shootings and that Mr Peña texted the addresses of the shootings, in one case just hours before the shooting took place. The continued investigation would involve “more arrest warrants and the questioning of more people,” Mr Hartsock said.

Anyone remember the classic Stringer Bell quote? The cable pretty much right now? Never take notes or leave a paper trail on a bloody criminal conspiracy! This case is far from over, and if the tens of thousands of hours I’ve spent watching law & order Replays over the past 30 years have taught me all that Peña is going through a tough time here. Of course, he’s just one of the growing number of domestic Republican terrorists who have decided that if they can’t get their way, they can let us all live in fear. From a separate New York Times article:

Extremist violence is the top terrorism threat in the country, according to a three-year investigation by the Democratic staffers of the Senate Homeland Security Committee[…]

Cool. So, in other news, water is wet. Tell us what we don’t know. So what’s the solution here?

However, one of the most effective means of deterring political violence is to make it unacceptable in public life. All political leaders have an important role to play in this.

Ah. So as long as we have to deal with the devil to keep leadership positions, nothing will change and domestic terrorists will keep shooting at children’s rooms for losing elections. power over the country. got it Cool. At least This Terrorist is in prison.

(Image: Screencap, KOAT)

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