Failed Republican candidate who orchestrated shootings at Democratic politicians in New Mexico who were being held without bail

Solomon Peña, the failed Republican nominee charged with at least 15 felonies related to shootings of Democratic state officials and politicians, was brought before a judge in a video conference call Jan. 18. He remained silent while the judge ordered him held without bail pending his arrest. The next hearing is scheduled for February 1.

This undated photo, provided by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, shows Solomon Peña. Peña overwhelmingly lost a bid for the New Mexico statehouse last fall as a Republican and is accused of paying four men to shoot at the homes of four Democratic officials. [AP Photo/Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office via AP]

Although Peña’s attorney, Roberta Yurcic, did not contest the non-bail request, she later issued this statement: “At this time, the charges against Mr. Peña are merely allegations that have not yet been examined by the full rigor of the court process became . I intend to fully defend Mr. Peña and vigorously protect his rights throughout this process.”

Since his arrest, more details about Peña have been released, dispelling any doubt that not only does he have a long criminal record of “smash and grab” assaults, but he is also deeply disoriented and, in the words of a neighbor, “not polite, nice.” person,” he holds full-fledged fascist beliefs. In a social media post, he claimed, “Critical Race Theory, the entire Black Lives Matter movement, fetal abortion, food stamps, affirmative action, etc. are all demonic.”

On his Twitter account, Peña boasted that he traveled to Washington DC to attend former President Donald Trump’s failed coup on January 6, 2021. It’s unclear if Peña committed any crimes in Washington DC

After his election defeat in New Mexico’s District 14 by state representative Miguel Garcia, a Democrat who received 74 percent of the vote, Peña refused to concede defeat. Instead, he uninvited visited the homes of two district commissioners and at least one of the MPs, alleging that the election results were falsified and urging them not to confirm the results.

The shootings in the Democrat homes took place from December 4 to January 3. According to an Albuquerque Police affidavit with warrant and citing a confidential witness, one of the plotters initially told the gunmen to “aim over the windows to avoid hitting anyone inside,” but Peña told them to ” be more aggressive” and “wanted them to aim lower and fire around 8 p.m. because the occupants probably wouldn’t be lying down [sic] Low.”

In the recent shooting at Senator Linda Lopez’s home, police found evidence that “Peña himself walked … and actually pulled the trigger of at least one of the firearms used.” According to Albuquerque Deputy Police Commander Kyle Hartsock, an AR-style weapon Peña attempted to use malfunctioned and another gunman fired more than a dozen shots from a separate handgun.