Family of OC’s public defender who died in Mexico is hiring a new lawyer to get answers

The family of the OC’s public defender who died in Mexico is hiring a new lawyer

The family of the OC’s public defender who died in Mexico is hiring a new lawyer


The family of an Orange County public defender who died while vacationing in Mexico last week are not happy with what government officials are telling them about the cause of death and have a new attorney fighting for them.

Elliot Blair died in an accidental fall from his Rosarito Beach hotel balcony onto a sidewalk below, according to Mexican authorities. His family does not believe this story, they believe that the 33-year-old was the victim of a crime.

His death was recorded as a tragic accident falling two stories to his death while his wife was asleep in the other room. But at the scene of the accident, Case Barnett, Blair’s family lawyer, said a plainclothes detective at the scene said there was a wound inconsistent with the fall. He said that according to Barnett, there was a gunshot wound to Blair’s head.

Barnett says the family is still trying to get his body back to the United States for a private autopsy. A toxicological examination cannot be carried out because the corpse was embalmed by procedure.

Mexican authorities said Blair’s blood alcohol level was very high at the time of his death – a claim Blair’s wife denies.

Attorney Barnett shared happy pictures of Blair and his wife celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary in Mexico and a video of them dancing just hours before his death.

The family claims the Mexican authorities have contradicted themselves. Barnett said a coroner’s liaison in Mexico told Blair’s wife, Kim, that the autopsy results had no documented gunshot wound, but that the report would be forwarded to prosecutors as a murder case. Barnett says all of this is causing great pain to the family.

“Because of the way it was initially handled, we will never have the information. There are facts that existed then that don’t exist now, that are unattainable now,” Barnett said.

Blair’s body remains in Mexico. It was reported that officials said it would be about a week before his remains were returned to the United States

Baja California Attorney General Ricardo Ivan Carpio Sanchez said his office is working with the Justice Department and the FBI on the investigation.