National UFO Historical Records Center is coming to Albuquerque

By TOBY MARTINEZ, Roswell Daily Record

ROSWELL, NM (AP) — A group of historians and archivists have announced plans to open a new national archive in the Albuquerque area focused on unidentified aerial phenomena. Led by author and researcher David Marler, the National UFO Historical Records Center will establish the largest historical archive dedicated to preserving and centralizing UFO/UAP information in the United States.

In a presentation announcing the new archive during the International UFO Congress in Phoenix on October 14, Marler said, “What is the meaning of all this? If you look at these historical cases and provide context for what we’re hearing about today, well, it shows that there is a rich, diverse history of this UFO phenomenon, wherever you look, whether it’s newspapers, government documents, historical archives etc.”

Marler continues, “I was thinking about this a while ago, if you look at the UFO issue, we have the National UFO Reporting Center, great. And we also have the National Archives, okay, but the only thing we don’t have is when you put these two ideas together, there is no National Archives of Ufology, although there needs to be one.”

The archive is intended to include official and civilian case files, audio and video recordings, correspondence, photographs, books, journals, newspaper clippings, research notes, microfilm, and digital and physical artifacts. Documents from the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), and J. Allen Hynek’s personal Project Blue Book files. It also contains personal collections of researchers Philip Mantle, Antonio Huneeus and Lou Farish, among others.

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“Let me pose this to you: What if we could centralize all historical data under one roof,” Marler said. “What if we were able to cross-reference all of this data to look for patterns, uncover insights, and add to the already growing body of information and knowledge we have? What if we could scan all this material and make it available to the worldwide UFO community and get some really important people to look at this data?

Marler continues: “Imagine the case files and reports that have never been seen. The never heard tapes. The potential discoveries that could potentially lead to answers to this mystery. So what do I suggest? The largest collection of historical US UFO collections.”

Members of the new organization include Jan Aldrich, Rod Dyke, Barry Greenwood, Dr. Mark Rodeghier and Rob Swiatek. “A lot of people search the internet for data,” Marler said. “I’m here to tell you that in my opinion only 40 to 50 percent of the data is available on the internet. We still have physical case inventories that need to be digitized. I’m really looking forward to trying to preserve the story and hopefully we’ll be here at future events to share this story with you and help researchers and producers like James Fox.”

In a press release, the organization stated, “Our mission is to collect, preserve and make historical UFO material available to the general public and interested parties. With the data collected, we hope to assist in serious research efforts and help provide an accurate chronicle of UFO/UAP history for present and future generations, whether or not they believe in the subject.”

Attempts are currently being made to find a building for the new non-profit archive. “We want to set it up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, because of the state’s affiliation with the subject,” Marler said.

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