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From life on stage at the Santa Fe Opera and in northern New Mexico farm fields to the death of a former mayor and the level of education, journalists at the Santa Fe reporter has delivered stories that matter to our audiences over the past year — and the judges of the New Mexico Press Association’s 2022 Better Newspaper Contest agree.

Ten categories in the competition results announced on November 12th showed the winners of SFR in the Weekly 1 class for weeklies with a circulation of over 5,000, including first place in the excellence of websites (Please bow, Brianna Kirkland, our manager for digital services.)

SFR Senior Correspondent Julia Goldberg won first place for her reviews of the Santa Fe Opera and second place in the new “COVID in the Community” category for her continuous coverage of the pandemic, as well as second place for environmental or agriculture reporting (in in this case Environment) for her story “Winds of Change,” about how scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory are designing wildfires for the new climate.

On the agricultural front, editor and publisher Julie Ann Grimm donned her reporter’s hat for “Crazy Hot,” about an off-the-grid producer of farm-to-table hot sauces, and won first place in the category.

The SFR team also earned second place in the Sunshine Award category for their efforts to shed light on the City of Santa Fe’s policy of keeping police disciplinary records secret. (Update: The state Supreme Court denied our order, closing the case and leaving the non-disclosure policy in place.)

Former contributor William Melhado, now at the Texas Tribune, won second place for his obituary of Javier Gonzales and second place for “Does Not Equal” in Best Series for his work on education reform after the Yazzie/Martinez case; Former staff writer Grant Crawford’s coverage of a teenage murder trial earned second place for continued coverage. SFR also received second place for writing headlines for “Put Your Crop Tops On” for a healthy ground story by Riley Gardner.

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