New Mexico Representatives sworn in after House Speaker election

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – What was expected to be a quick election for Speaker of the House has turned into what appears to be a power struggle among House Republicans. And without a House Speaker, no other deal can move forward.

It was the final call for the House of Representatives as they voted for the 15th time, eventually electing a House Speaker.

“We live here day in and day out that groundhog day of the Republican Party’s disorder and chaos as they failed to find the votes to elect leadership,” said Rep. Melanie Stansbury.

It took four long days and 14 votes, and a 15th vote was scheduled for 11 a.m. late Friday night. Tensions among House Republicans ran high.

House Democrats say they are extremely frustrated by the chaos across the aisle.

“We need to be a functioning House of Representatives,” said Representative Teresa Leger Fernández. “We need an active House of Representatives, although I disagree with many of the policies Republicans intended to propose.”

The disruption endangered national security and halted all new work for New Mexico and the rest of the country, but progress was made.

“The Honorable Kevin McCarthy of the State of California, who received the majority of the votes cast, has been twice elected Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

Relief from both parties when California Rep. Kevin McCarthy finally won the House Speaker.

Congresswoman Melanie Stansbury tweeted a picture early Saturday morning say:

“It’s official! Around 1:45 this morning I was sworn in to serve in the 1st congressional district of New Mexico.”

And in a statement on Saturday, she says she is ready to focus on rebuilding the economy and continuing to work for her district.

New Congressman Gabe Vasquez has finally been sworn in. He tweeted a photo and statement that says in part:

“It’s time to work for the people of New Mexico, it’s time to put our differences aside and bring home investments and well-paying jobs.”

Congresswoman Teresa Ledger Fernández shared her excitement, saying in part:

“We will continue to build on the historic advances we’ve made over the past two years”

She says she’s already working on new laws for New Mexico farmers.

The House of Representatives adjourned just after 2 a.m. Saturday morning, ending a historic week in US history.

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert was among the deciding votes to give McCarthy the speaker position. She voted “present” Friday night, giving the majority preference to McCarthy.