Odds, spread, DFS tips and more

What more could you ask for on a Friday night than a matchup at Mountain West? We’ve got the latest sports betting odds, DFS and Fantasy tips, plus a San Diego State vs New Mexico prediction ahead of the action.

San Diego State vs New Mexico Betting Preview

  • Spread
    State of San Diego (-14)
  • money line
    State of San Diego (-645); New Mexico (+480)
  • over under
    37.5 points
  • game time
    9:45 p.m. ET
  • location
    University Stadium, Albuquerque, NM
  • Expected weather at kick-off
    32 degrees, partly cloudy, wind speed 10 km/h
  • like watching
    fuboTV, FS1

Whether in San Diego or New Mexico, the Lobos have lost to the Aztecs in seven straight matches since 2009. Although San Diego State was a shadow of the team that finished last season at a 12-2 with a Mountain West title and AP Top 25 ranking, there’s a reason there’s such a moneyline disparity.

With such a paltry return backing the Aztecs to win outright, investigating other markets could net you some cash from this matchup with New Mexico.

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Despite only covering the spread in 40% of their games, I’d wager that San Diego State can have more than a two touchdown lead against a team that has lost six games by 14+ points this season. New Mexico is 3-6-1 against the spread this season.

San Diego State topped the 37.5-point over/under line alone last time out, putting 43 points ahead of a San Jose State that is averaging under 20 points per allowed game. The previous nine games between the Lobos and the Aztecs also crossed the finish line.

Buyers should beware, however, as the two average 36.6 points per game combined.

Top DFS Picks and Fantasy Games

Can you make a mint in New Mexico? Will the Aztecs deposit gold into your account? Place your selection between San Diego State and New Mexico on Fanduel Fantasy and receive a $10 bonus on a $1 entry.

  • QB Jalen Mayden, San Diego State ($10,000)
  • QB Braxton Burmeister, San Diego State ($10,000)
  • QB Justin Holaday, New Mexico ($7,000)
  • QB Miles Kendrick, New Mexico ($7,000)
  • RB Jordan Byrd, San Diego State ($7,000)
  • RB Jaylon Armstead, San Diego State ($5,900)
  • RB Nate Jones, New Mexico ($5,800)
  • RB Christian Washington, NM ($5,400)
  • RB Cam Davis, State of San Diego ($5,300)
  • RB Kenan Christon, San Diego State ($5,000)
  • RB Sherod White, New Mexico ($5,000)
  • WR Jesse Matthews, San Diego State ($7,100)
  • WR Tyrell Shavers, State of San Diego ($6,800)
  • WR Mekhi Shaw, San Diego State ($6,500)
  • WR Georgen Proctor, New Mexico ($5,700)
  • WR Luke Wysong, New Mexico ($5,200)
  • WR Brionne Penny, State of San Diego ($5,000)
  • WR Keyonta Lanier, New Mexico ($4,500)
  • TE Mark Redman, State of San Diego ($5,000)
  • TE Connor Witthoft, New Mexico ($4,200)

Unfortunately, from a fantasy or DFS perspective, this game doesn’t have much potential to be fruitful. However, since San Diego State vs. New Mexico is one of only two games on the Friday night schedule, you might be forced to hit some picks from this matchup at Mountain West.

It tells you everything you need to know about New Mexico that the leading points-scorer this season is a kicker who has recorded stats in just six games. The Lobos’ second-highest scorer is also a kicker. Jack Browning, San Diego State’s multipurpose gun, is this fall’s top scorer for the Aztecs.

The Lobos have only had three touchdowns all season, making a New Mexico quarterback or pass-catching selection tantamount to raising an awesome white flag on the surrender. If you find you need to add a New Mexico player, RB Nate Jones or WR Geordon Porter are your best bets.

San Diego State tight end Mark Redman is actually the best available player at his position on all four teams in action tonight. Meanwhile, 6’6″, 210-pound former Alabama WR Tyrell Shavers leads the Aztecs with more than 100 yards in just four receptions against San Jose State after a second career day.

Prediction for San Diego State vs. New Mexico

The Aztecs, who qualified for the Bowl with their win over San Jose State, will look to end their season in style with an away win over the Lobos before taking on the Air Force at Snapdragon Stadium to end the year.

Meanwhile, New Mexico faces the reality of a two-win season for the third time in four years. After starting the year 2-1, Lobos have lost seven games in a row. Can Danny Gonzales’ team defeat the Aztecs in Albuquerque?

San Diego State’s pass defense has been suspect this season. They conceded the most passing yards per game (235.3) and passing touchdowns (19) in Mountain West. Meanwhile, the Aztecs rank ninth in terms of allowable completion rate (61.4%).

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This is an opportunity for New Mexico. That being said, you must seize the opportunity, and the Lobos have one of the nation’s worst offenses. Only UMass and Colorado State have averaged less than New Mexico’s 14.7 points per game.

No team in the nation has fewer than the Lobos’ three touchdowns this year. Her 239.5 yards per game total offense is even worse than an Iowa offense that was routinely downed during the 2022 college football season.

Though San Diego State was struggling averaging 21.9 points per game, Jalen Mayden’s coming-out party last weekend should ensure the Aztecs leave Albuquerque in comfortable victory. The San Diego State QB had as many touchdowns in that game as New Mexico had all season.

forecast: State of San Diego 30, New Mexico 9