rainy night ahead, another round Saturday

A wet weather pattern has arrived. Rainy periods and gray skies dominate until Saturday.

Next 24 hours: Rainy spells and even some thunderstorms will continue overnight. It can rain heavily at times and there is a chance of flooding on local roads and poor drainage. Despite the rain, a muggy air mass keeps temperatures low in the low 60s. The rain will ease up on Friday morning. A bit of a lull is expected for most of the day, but plenty of cloud will keep high temperatures in the low 70’s.

Next: A cold front with showers and thunderstorms will move into the region on Saturday. There is an outside shot that a storm or two could bring gusty winds and heavy rain is possible again. All in all, this system will provide the region with a healthy soak, with widespread rainfall ranging from 2 to 4 inches Thursday through Saturday. Clearing is expected overnight and into Sunday. Once the front is over, thermometers are unlikely to drop much on Sunday and Monday with highs near 70 and lows near 50. Another rainmaker will arrive late Tuesday. CLICK HERE for your detailed 7 day forecast.

The tropics: All is calm for the North Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. No tropical development is expected for the next five days.

The explanation: A low-pressure upper trough will plunge south out of the Rockies and into the Southwest through Thursday evening. This trough will be separated from the upper level steering winds and cut off over New Mexico and Texas, slowing its eastward movement through the weekend. A warm front moving inland from the Gulf of Mexico will cause a steady rainstorm overnight through Friday. Well above average humidity and upper level winds essentially parallel to the warm front could result in some training and a risk of heavy rain in the metro area.

To highlight this potential, the Weather Prediction Center has classified much of the area at Level 2/4 risk for excessive rainfall. While the front is expected to falter across the region on Friday, a lack of energy in the upper levels could result in a temporary lull in precipitation for much of the day, while low cloud cover will keep it gray and gloomy. A rear cold front will move into Friday night, with a burst of energy in the upper levels leading to another organized mass of rain and thunderstorms. In terms of severe weather potential, instability will be limited, although some are focusing on LA’s distant coastal region. A few strong to violent thunderstorms in coastal areas are not excluded. High surface pressure is building up behind this system so conditions will dry out quickly and cool slightly, with highs returning to the high 60s and low 70s on Sunday and Monday.

– Josh

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