Reports of Latinos flocking to the GOP have been grossly exaggerated. Just look at New Mexico

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“Early turnout data suggests that Latino voters were instrumental in flipping the Republican district and electing Latino Democratic officers in the constituency the most Hispanic state in the nation,” reported NBC News. Matt Barreto, co-founder of BSP Research, told NBC News that “the Latino voting bloc was not only influential, it was critical” in Vasquez’s race to win the incumbent by 1,300 votes.

Latino voters, meanwhile, gave him a net advantage of nearly 40,000 votes, Barreto said. In the Fernandez race, she had a lead of nearly 30,000 votes.

“Barreto stressed that the final turnout will not be known for at least another week,” the report continued. “But six days after the election, Latino turnout appears to be level in both New Mexico’s 2nd and 3rd congressional districts Record level reached in 2018.” He told NBC News that that was “a big, big deal to keep that going for two midterm elections in a row.”

We also know that Latino voters were crucial in neighboring Arizona, where Democrats Katie Hobbs and Mark Kelly defeated their MAGA Republicans.

“In the large Midterm Voter Election Poll sample of Arizona Latinos who voted in 2022, Latino voters in the state offered the following critical margins to win Democratic candidates,” immigrant rights advocacy America’s Voice noted Tuesday, as Hobbs Kari Lake defeated 62-36% and Kelly defeated anti-immigrant creep Blake Masters 67-32%.


Yes, more work needs to be done to reach Latinos from the Democrats, but reports that they are leaving the party en masse for the GOP have been grossly exaggerated. Nationwide, almost two-thirds voted for the Democrats. In Pennsylvania, Latinos picked Democratic candidates by an even larger margin than in Arizona. A Democrat has ousted Republican Mayra Flores in Texas. Of course, Florida is an outlier.

Latino voters also helped keep the US Senate in Democratic hands after Catherine Cortez Masto’s election victory. The senior senator and her campaign had repeated in the last days of the election that Latinos, especially Latina voters, would be their route to another term. Univision poll ahead of election day she had shown by a massive margin among Latinos, Big Lie proponent Adam Laxalt leads by more than 30 points.

“Nevada voters handed the Senate majority to Democrats and helped protect our democracy by re-electing Senator Cortez Masto.” tweeted Indivisible CEO Mari Urbina, a veteran Reid advisor (and he certainly knew something about winning over Latino voters). “Latino voters have turned up for the first Latino US Senator, proving once again that there is no path to victory in Nevada without Latino support.”

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