RV reservation slots for Balloon Fiesta 2023 are sold out

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta draws people from across the state, country and world.

Lots of people pack up their RV and go on vacation, much like the popular Luminaria Tour, these RV sites are a hot ticket. So hot they burned thousands trying to get a Wednesday.

The demand caused a backlog on the site, which some people likened to the Taylor Swift ticket fiasco.

Thousands of people refreshed and reopened the tabs on their computers on Wednesday to secure a coveted RV reservation.

We spoke to a couple this morning about their experiences.

“I’ve read in the comments that some of the people have been put in a waiting room, we’ve never encountered getting an error message all the time,” said Susan Skelton.

Susan and John Skelton are Balloon Fiesta rookies trying to reserve a spot for an RV. Both tried their luck on separate computers on Wednesday morning.

“I click on the bookmark page, you know, and then it would just spin and spin and spin. And it would either time out or we would get the error message like Susan said, then I just open another tab and start over. And it took me probably 15 minutes to get through,” John said.

According to Balloon Fiesta officials, there have been over two million website requests from more than 60,000 people.

The Skeltons say it’s like playing the lottery to play one of only about 1,700 seats.

“At the same time, someone else could pick the same thing. So it’s kind of a godsend who gets their credit card info first and how fast each computer handles things like that,” Susan said.

Balloon Fiesta’s Tom Garrity ends by saying things went smoothly with the RV.

“The servers maintain their integrity, as expected there was a very high level of interest from guests wanting to reserve seats,” Garrity said.

For many, the odds were against them.

John says it’s like New Mexico’s own Taylor Swift concert ticket situation.

“Maybe that’s how Taylor Swift people felt when they were trying to get tickets, you know. But I went into it openly with no real expectations of being able to do it,” he said.

Garrity says if you’re on the waiting list to check regularly, sometimes people mistakenly double-book and things become free.

“You know, we came through, I think we won the lottery. So maybe we’ll buy Mega Millions,” John said.

Balloon Fiesta officials say the park itself is limited in terms of adding more RV sites.

But last year, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center reportedly set up an RV area just for the Balloon Fiesta.

It’s unclear if that will happen again, but officials say they know the Duke City always comes together to host our Balloon Fiesta attendees.