Salata Salad Kitchen is eyeing Las Cruces to expand into New Mexico

LAS CRUCES – The Salata Salad Kitchen restaurant chain is actively working to expand into New Mexico, with a particular focus on Las Cruces.

Founded in 2005, Salata is a Texas-based company specializing in custom salads and wraps. There are over 90 restaurants, most of which are spread across Texas – including one in El Paso – as well as locations in Louisiana, North Carolina, Georgia and California.

Julie Davis, vice president of franchise development at Salata, said El Paso’s proximity to Las Cruces contributed to the decision to make the jump to New Mexico.

“Las Cruces really is such a natural extension of El Paso,” Davis said. “It’s ‘part’ of El Paso, but it’s really a distinct community. The proximity just made sense to bring our brand there.”