Student charged in New Mexico campus shooting to be released

ALBUQUERQUE — A University of New Mexico student was released from jail on Wednesday after he was accused of plotting with friends to confront a basketball player from a rival university, resulting in the shooting death of a UNM student and wounding the player .

A district judge denied a motion by prosecutors to keep 19-year-old Jonathan Smith in custody pending trial on charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy and tampering with evidence. Smith’s attorney said his client had no criminal record and was from a good family.

Authorities say the revenge plot for New Mexico State University basketball player Mike Peake followed a brawl at a college football game earlier this fall. The shooting came just hours before a basketball game was scheduled to be played between the two schools, and authorities say Peake was allegedly lured to the UNM campus in Albuquerque early Saturday.


Police identified Brandon Travis as the University of New Mexico student who was fatally shot and accused of planning the attack on Peake, the Aggies basketball team’s starting power forward.

Court documents say a 17-year-old UNM student conspired with Smith, Travis and another young man to bring Peake onto campus. Once there, the men confronted Peake and Travis shot him in the leg. Peake returned fire, killing Travis. The young girl faces charges of conspiracy before the juvenile court.