The most used storylines across the CW network

The CW Network has long been known as the home of youth and youth drama. As the network went through a major transition, many shows left the network due to the change or because their time on the network came to a natural end. However, as long as the CW network focused primarily on shows for teens and young adults, many of them were known for sharing similar concepts and storylines. Be it through the sprawling Arrowverse, the Vampire Diaries Universe, the growing world of All American, Riverdaleor many other network shows, these series share many storylines or concepts, even if they are portrayed differently.

The Arrowverse took the CW’s superhero quota and developed its own DC Universe within the network, arguably better perceived than the DC Universe movies. The Vampire Diaries Universe, supernatural, and Roswell, New Mexico picked up many supernatural and paranormal storylines during their runs. All Americans, A Hill of Trees, Veronica Marsand gossip girl showed an average teen drama in the world. Riverdale took on almost all of those storylines as the show grew ever deeper into the madness in which it thrived.

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10/10 superheroes

Arrowverse Supergirl and The Flash
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At least six shows make up the CW’s Arrowverse. All eventually merge together to create a universe with crossover events. The Arrowverse features superhero origin stories like The Flash, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Bat Woman, and more. Each show expands the universe and understanding of what is possible.

9/10 supernatural

Supernatural Dean and Sam
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supernatural Lasted fifteen seasons, it followed demon-hunting brothers Sam and Dean Winchester through the pursuit of a series of paranormal creatures and events. Eventually, the Archangel Castiel joins them. The show’s take on the supernatural world expanded with its spin-off, The Winchesters. The Vampire Diaries universe includes a variety of vampires, witches, werewolves, doppelgangers, and many other monsters. Roswell, New Mexico, takes on the supernatural with its alien protagonists, technology and home planet of Oasis. Even Riverdale dips its toe into the supernatural world as it deploys its multiverse arc, which consists of bestowing and bringing in superpowers to its main characters Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Director, Sabrina Spellman.

8/10 love triangles

Roswell, Mew Mexico Michael, Alex and Maria
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Who will Elena choose, Stefan or Damon? Will Archie end up with Veronica or Betty? Will Lucas choose Peyton or Brooke? Love triangles are well known in teen drama, and the CW Network has been home to many of them. In some cases, the love triangle helps move the story along. However, it holds the show back at other times, especially when it’s running too long. Other times, fans will argue about whether or not the love triangle ended right. the Vampire Diaries has relied on his central love triangle for years, far longer than would be necessary for a central plot.

On A hill of trees, Lucas changed his mind several times, cheated on Brooke and couldn’t seem to make a decision. On All Americans and All American: homecomingThe shows depict a love square as Jordan and Simone find themselves attracted to Layla and Damon respectively, even while their relationship is still ongoing, eventually leading to their breakup as they have grown apart. Roswell, New Mexico also depicts a love triangle between Michael, Alex, and Maria as Michael tries to sort his feelings between the two love interests.

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7/10 Teen Drama

Riverdale Archie, Betty and Veronica
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Whether it’s school troubles, love life, friendship troubles, or this week’s supernatural antagonist attempting a murder, many CW shows are teen dramas that focus their storylines on being stories about coming of age. Riverdale started with Archie struggling to choose between music and football. On gossip girl, the Upper Eastsiders deal with their personal business, revealed on Gossip Girl’s public blog. On All Americansbefore graduating high school, Spencer, Jordan and Asher aspire to careers in soccer or coaching, while Olivia works towards a future in journalism and Layla builds her music production company.

6/10 family drama

The originals Klaus, Rebekah, Hope, Hayley and Elijah
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Veronica spends several seasons opposing her father Hiram in his desire to take over Riverdale. Klaus keeps internal problems with his siblings for centuries The original, since many of their problems stem from Klaus stabbing them to death and keeping them in coffins for decades or centuries. Lucas and Nathan Scott, half brothers, initially have many problems due to their various differences. They also have issues with their father, who found various ways to harm both of them.

5/10 power struggles

The 100 Bellamy and Clarke
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On The 100th, there is almost always a power struggle, be it against the government on the Ark or the other leaders on Earth, Sanctum or Bardo. However, season two is one of the best examples of a power struggle between Clarke and Abby, who have wildly different beliefs about how to survive on the ground. Clarke, who has spent time on Earth and met the Grounders and Mount Weather, rules from personal experience dealing with Earth. Meanwhile, Abby strives to undermine Clarke’s authority over the remaining hundred, especially as Lexa and the other Grounders are only interested in negotiating with Clarke. in the The originalchallenges Klaus Marcel’s rule of New Orleans and works to regain control of the French Quarter.

4/10 financial differences

Gossip Girl Serena and Dan
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All Americans shows the financial differences between Crenshaw and Beverly Hills when Billy Baker takes Spencer to Beverly Hills to play football. Spencer experiences a richer environment and the Baker siblings Layla and Asher discover the environment Crenshaw is in, giving them a better understanding of Spencer. A hill of trees also uses this to show the differences between Lucas and Hayley compared to Nathan, Peyton and Brooke. It is also used to show the difference between Dan and the rest of his classmates gossip girl​​​​​​.

3/10 Mental Health Discussion

Crazy ex-girlfriend Rebecca
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Crazy ex girlfriend is perhaps the CW’s best representation for discussing mental health and the trials and tribulations of getting a diagnosis and working toward a healthier state of mind. Rebecca Bunch experiences a series of ups and downs as she strives to find what truly makes her happy. Throughout her journey, Rebecca experiences happiness and depression until she hits rock bottom, a catalyst for Rebecca to finally get the help she needs, leading to her discovery that she is being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Rebecca then worked on making herself happy, rather than realizing that her happiness depended on a relationship with someone else.

in the legacies, mental health is discussed using Lizzie’s bipolar disorder and how it affects her actions and behavior. It’s also well discussed through Lizzie’s conversation with Aurora, further deepening Aurora’s time as a villain legacies and The original. All Americans also talks about mental health through Layla and shares her experiences with depression. Layla’s mental health journey shows her shying away from her friends and then her slow reintegration with them as she grows closer to Jordan.

2/10 politics

All American Spencer and Olivia 1
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All Americans delves into the Black Lives Matter movement and puts Olivia in an intriguing position as an aspiring journalist in her quest to denounce police brutality and show how her decisions affect her mother’s career. in the The 100thhow to hold power in government is constantly at play. Clarke must become a diplomat when it comes to Lexa and the Grounders. Grounder society is a distinctly evolved form of politics as it depicts how people govern their territories and make decisions. Riverdale showed that the city held mayoral elections even though Riverdale politicians are corrupt most of the time.

1/10 secrets

All American Homecoming JR and Damon
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During the first season of All American: homecoming, JR and Simone question Damon’s true identity. Is he JR’s brother who was given away as a baby? Is he Amara’s secret child? Damon also questions the truth about his birth parents until he eventually learns the truth. in the gossip girlthe overriding question was who was the identity behind the infamous blogger. Riverdale began as a small-town mystery surrounding the death of a local boy, Jason Blossom, and the biggest questions throughout season one were who killed him and why.