Thieves raided Buffett’s Candies new location

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The iconic candy cane at Lomas in Albuquerque has drawn customers to the store since the 1950’s.

“Especially during the holidays, they let us into their homes and make their families happy,” says Donna Buffett, who married into the family more than thirty years ago and plays a big part in the business.

Now’s a particularly busy time, as Buffett’s does about 45% of its annual business between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

“We’re really elves, and everyone’s working like crazy behind the scenes,” Buffett said.

The family has a few more things on their to-do list this year thanks to their decision to expand. Plans have been in the works for about a decade, but they only took over the site last month.

Buffet King in the Northeast Heights, atop the Academy near San Mateo, will soon become Buffett’s second location.

“Because this generation has to replace and reacquire equipment, it doesn’t physically fit in this (original) building,” Buffett said.

Even before construction started, they erected a fence around the building to prevent people from throwing rocks and causing other troubles.

Last week, thieves cut through the fence to break into the electrical units and steal or damage about $50,000 worth of copper wire and other materials.

“There were no lights, no electricity, nothing,” Buffett said. “What they took really does a lot of damage. It’s scary because you don’t know if someone is inside, if they broke in or if they damaged things inside.”

Buffett says she’s seen the city change for the worse over the years and would like to see a change in the other direction.

“It would be nice to see some of the laws enforced and things cleaned up and maintained so that the Albuquerque that we remember is beautiful and was a wonderful place to be again,” Buffett said. “My father-in-law always told us that something good always comes out of something bad, and we just try to stay positive and be grateful for all the support we get every year.”

The Buffett family is also currently investing about $60,000 in a new security fence around their property on Lomas due to problems with drug use and homeless people setting fires on the property.

If all goes as planned from here, the family plans to open the new location at the Academy by next summer.