Where experts place UConn in the college football bowling world

The UConn soccer team suffered a 34-17 away loss to Army last weekend in the regular-season finals away from home, falling to 6-6 in a season that saw program changes under Jim Mora.

With his sixth win over Liberty a week earlier, UConn qualified for the Bowl for the first time since 2015 and had hoped to improve his Bowl record with a season-ending win.

That didn’t happen.

And as an independent team, UConn is the easiest route into a bowl game with an at-large offering, as the majority of the 82 slots in the 41 bowl games have contracts with conferences.

Will UConn be selected?

That remains to be seen. This week, players went home for Thanksgiving, likely with the bowl question looming over their heads. It will remain a question when they return to training next week.

While we wait, here’s a breakdown of potential UConn landing sites based on predictions from national reporters and websites.