Winter storm bringing heavy snow for some in eastern New Mexico, West Texas

LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Chief Meteorologist Jacob Riley has her weather update Wednesday night.

This evening: cold front is coming. Mostly clear. Patchy fog in the south. low of 34°. Wind SW→NE 15-20 MPH.
Thanksgiving: Mostly cloudy. rain and snow late. high of 47°. Winds from N 20-25 MPH.

All eyes are currently on a low pressure system over Wyoming tonight. This storm system is heading towards eastern New Mexico and western Texas from Thursday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Here are the latest details.

This evening: A strong arctic front clears the South Plains after midnight, bringing with it strong northerly winds. Gusts of up to 30-40 MPH are possible in the early hours, with the strongest winds over the northern South Plains. Southern areas may see some patchy fog, with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies expected across the region. The low temperatures at sunrise on our Thanksgiving Day are in the low 30’s to mid 40’s.

Thursday: A winter storm watch is scheduled to go into effect for much of the South Plains late Thursday evening through Saturday morning.

Winter Storm Watch applies to shady districts from Friday 12:00 am to Saturday 06:00 am

During Thanksgiving Day, high temperatures will only pick up again until the mid-30s to mid-50s, with the coldest temperatures occurring over northwestern areas and the warmest temperatures over our southeastern zones. Winds remain breezy throughout the day, blowing up to 30-35 MPH. Northern areas could see gusts of up to 40-50 MPH! Our gravure center will settle in the area during the afternoon and evening hours. After 4pm to 6pm we expect light rain over the northern South Plains. This will quickly develop into a rain/snow mix before turning to snow in the northwestern areas. Precipitation will increase from north to south overnight. Areas west of the Interstate 27/Highway 87 corridor are likely to see mostly snow with freezing temperatures. Areas along the corridor between Interstate 27 and Highway 87 are likely to experience a mix of rain and snow, with temperatures near freezing. Areas ahead of the Caprock remain above freezing and see a cold rain.

Friday: Locally heavy snowfall is expected to continue throughout Friday across the western South Plains. The eastern areas are likely to remain in the form of a cold rain. Heavy rainfall is expected with some areas registering over 1″ of precipitation! Areas that experience precipitation in the form of snow will see locally strong totals of nearly 5 to 8 inches throughout the day.

Elevations will struggle to warm above freezing along and west of the Interstate 27/Highway 87 corridor. Areas east of the Interstate 27/Highway 87 corridor will peak in the mid 30’s to under 40’s. Strong northerly winds of 18-22 MPH are expected, with gusts occasionally exceeding 35 MPH. This will reduce visibility in areas with snow and further worsen travel conditions in the region. Our rain-snow boundary will continue to shift east overnight as our low-pressure system slowly begins to move northeast. This will bring snow to areas that haven’t seen much of the system before. Lows are reached in the upper 10s to low 20s for areas with decent snow cover, while the rest of the region cools to the mid 20s to mid 30s.

Saturday: We start cleaning up at noon on Saturday when the snow runs out. Event snowfall totaling +8″ is expected for western portions of our view! This creates some muddy roads, so take extra care if you must be out and about. Dangerous travel conditions are expected throughout the day that will continue into the nighttime hours. Another frost is expected overnight and icy roads are expected by Sunday morning.

Snowfall expectations from Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon.

Models continue to drive back and forth on the precise track of this storm system. The smallest track shift will make a big difference in the prediction. A shift of just 20 miles can mean the difference in just a cold rain or 2-4 inches of snowfall in some places! Stay tuned to your KLBK First Warning Weather Team for the latest information on this developing storm system. A weather aware day remains in effect for Thursday, November 24, 2022 and Friday, November 25, 2022. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitterand for the latest information and download the KLBK First Warning Weather App!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

– Jacob Riley.

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